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People in this film use pictures as a communication method
23.04.2012, 23:09
People in this film use pictures as a communication method.
The next hero is Soto, the leader of tigers group. Soto orders Diego, which is one of the tigers, to bring him peoples baby.

After Diego's attack on the settlement, the mother of the baby with her child jumps to the waterfall. The mother dies, but her baby survives. Manfred and Sid shelter the baby and decide to carry him to the rest of the settlers. The tiger Diego goes with them, he leads them to the tigers group, but he feels sorry to the Manfred and Sid and becomes their friend. Later Diego protects friends from the Soto.

The end of the story is very sentimental. Friends bring the baby to his father and go back.

The film is full of humor. The main humor person is squirrel, but it has no communication with the main plot of the film. It makes a lot of funny situations. I think that this film is a real masterpiece of computer graphics. For my mind every family must see this kind film with children.
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