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08.12.2013, 22:42
Упражнение 41
. lived a man. fond of gold. . am the happiest man in the world. saved money. . in a desert of North Africa. . no food or wa-ter. . dying of hunger. The heat . only stones and sand .saw a bag . on the sand. . find (some) food .and (some) water. . up to the bag. that the bag .full of gold. . is the use of gold to a hungry man in a desert? . left the bag on the hot sand. am the most unhappy man in the world.
Упражнение 42
1. . go to the shop. . buy (some) bread and milk. 2. .at the cin-ema. . What film. . . saw a . good film. . is the best film of the year. 3. . go to the theatre? . . go to the theatre . from morning till night. . no time to play the piano. 4. ... has a lot of interesting books at home. 5. A lot of tourists from different countries come to St. Peters-burg. . one of the most beautiful cities in the world. 6. . am a student of the first course. 7. . went to the cinema in the evening. 8. What for-eign languages. . . speaks English. He studied English at school. 9. . in history. 10. . played tennis at the physical training lesson of ... had a good time. 11. . for a walk. . The weather . went to the cin-ema. 12. playing the piano. are playing chess.
Упражнение 43
.came to New York for a holiday. . to a very large hotel .took a room . on the forty-fifth floor. In the evening the friends went to the theatre . to the hotel . said the clerk of the hotel. the lifts . make beds . in the hall. one of the friends . sleep in the hall. . up to the forty-fifth floor. . On the way to the room .to the thirty-sixth floor.have a rest. After all jokes.to hear a sad story. Tell us a long and interesting story with a sad end. The story.left the key to our room in the hall.
Упражнение 44
. a famous English writer.on horseback. The weather was bad. the roads were muddy. In the evening. to an inn. .going to bed. the servant . . In the morning.asked the servant .cleaned the boots. .the use cleaning the boots. said the servant. The roads. the boots . said the writer . continue the journey . had breakfast . said the dis-pleased servant. . the use giving you breakfast.
Упражнение 45
In a small town in the East . once a man who had a parrot. The par-rot . to say the words . all day long . asked a question, it gave the same answer . . One day the man decided to sell the bird . put the car-rot into the cage and went to the market . for a very clever parrot . A man . turned to the parrot. . answered the parrot. "What a clever par-rot!" said the man and bought the bird. . took the parrot . to look at the clever bird. The friends . at the parrot. .that the man . In fact, . short of money. So a week . in an armchair . looking at the par-rot."What a fool . such a lot of money!". cried the parrot. . the bird was right.
Упражнение 46
A train .. at a little station. A passenger .the window of a train car-riage and saw a woman selling cakes. The man . had breakfast in the morning. . to buy a cake. The woman . from the carriage. The man . buy a cake . to miss the train. . saw a boy . along the platform near the carriage. . called the boy. does a cake cost. answered the boy. The man . me a cake. the other threepence buy a cake . The boy took the money . to the woman. . later the boy returned. . eating a cake. . gave the man threepence .The woman .
Упражнение 47
A crow .It’s high time . to look for food . out of the nest . them to the field. But . the crow’s children . like the idea . back to the nest . bring food to us! . out of the nest . to take care of myself. But peo-ple . said the young crows. "No fear of that". "Before people shoot, they take aim, . takes time. . see a man raising a gun ." "That’s a simple thing ." said the children, "but supposing a man or a boy . throw a stone . such a case . take aim. " . pick up a stone," said the crow. ". carries a stone " . said the mother. to take care of your-selves. leaving the young crows in the field.
Упражнение 48
Russia . a large country . part of the country. part of the coun-try.it is the beginning of May .spring in St. Petersburg. The weather... . cool at night, . warm in the afternoon. . but the rain . The ground . with soft . grass. the trees . with green leaves. . winter in the north . at the beginning of May. . the rivers and seas . with ice. The ice . The ground . with deep snow. In the south . the weather... in the Caucasus and in the Crimea. The sky ... People wear summer clothes.
Упражнение 49
1. . this an interesting book? . this a . interesting book? . this the very . book . such an interesting book. . it the same book 2. . is a teacher. .is a good teacher. is a teacher . is a teacher of English. ...is the teacher. about the question. 3. . is a word in the text . is a very difficult word. is the word . in the dictionary. . is an adverb. 4. The first men ... 5. . in Russia in the 19th century. 6. . discovered America, was a native of Genoa. 7. Rome is an ancient town. 8. Ireland, Scotland and Wales are parts of the United Kingdom. 9. . is the name of the ocean between America and Asia? . The Pacific. 10. . visited Switzerland and Germany. 11. Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands.
Упражнение 50
. lived a king. . had a little daughter. . lived in a beautiful palace with a wonderful garden . the king . fond of gold. . loved gold . in the world. . when the king . a young man . are a very rich man. said the young man. . said the king. to have a golden touch. . into gold. The young man was a magician . gave the king the golden touch . . The king . touched a table. and the table. into the garden. were beautiful roses in the garden. . touched the roses... The king’s daughter. loved roses .cry, . dear daughter. said the king . . The next moment the girl . into a beautiful gold statue.
Упражнение 51
A group of farmers . in a village house. among other things .about echoes. One of the farmers . was a wonderful echo in the field . was a large group of trees. All the other farmers . to hear the echo. the farmer . to come the next afternoon. But the fact . the farmer . have the echo .told the other farmers . came home. sent for the (a) son of a cook . go to the field. among the trees. . The next day the other farmers . the farmer took . to the field to listen to the wonderful echo. . in the field, . at the top of his voice.
Упражнение 52
. was a nice . day. The weather . the sun . in the blue sky, the air . with the smell of grass and flowers. A dog . about the streets of a little town saw a butcher’s stall with a lot of meat. The dog . ap-proached the stall. when the butcher. to talk to a woman. seized a big piece of meat . . On the way home the dog .to cross a stream by a narrow bridge. . into the stream . in the water. . it was another dog with another piece of meat. . snapped at the reflection . piece of meat. . how the dog was punished for greediness.
Упражнение 53
On Sunday . to the country. . at sunrise . had breakfast. After breakfast we left home. . is a little village . from St. Petersburg . have friends. . by train. . had a very good time in the country. The weather . the sky . the sun . stayed out of doors all day long. . played volleyball and tennis. . returned to town . in the evening. . came home. had supper . went to bed . .
Упражнение 54
1. . at the sky. . with dark clouds. . hurry home. 2. . to live in the country in summer. The weather . is a fine season. 3. . lovely the night . no clouds in the sky and the air is . 4. .the sun shines. the snow . the days . longer. 5. Winter is a good time . . 6. On Sun-day . go to the country. . play snowballs . have a very good time.
7. The fog . . 8. . friend is a very . player. 9. In summer. lived in the country . up to town by train. 10. . is Sunday. . hot in town. go to the country. on Monday .11. Autumn is the most beautiful season of the year.
Упражнение 55
. Tuesday evening. the whole family was at home, a burglar . into the house . discovered the theft. called the police. . his shoes ., the detective . his footprints. . what the burglar did. . in the front door. . broke the lock. . reading a newspaper in the study near the front door. . facing a big window. see the man. listening to loud music. there was thunder. was a lot of noise ... . The burglar crossed the hall to the kitchen. . making a pot of tea, . into the kitchen. The man .across the hall . into the dining room. . all the drawers. out of the dining room . his homework in his bedroom . to his walkman. The burglar . past Tom’s room. . taking a shower . at the top . into the TV room. . left the TV room, .back down the stairs and into the kitchen. . in the living room ... . The burglar . in an old teapot on the top shelf of the left . cupboard. Then the man .through a French window in the dining room. The police . heard the burglar!
Упражнение 56
1. . read to me an extract from the book . the day ... . The main character of the book is a young doctor . to a distant village in Sibe-ria. 2. The weather . in October. 3. .into the room. saw a man . on the sofa. . was the man . at the theatre the night . 4. .saw the film . 5.. took a taxi and gave the address to the driver. 6.. is the first bridge over the Thames . from the sea. . is a suspension bridge. The central portion .to admit ships to the docks . of the river. When a ship . the traffic . the great bridge . in the centre. into the air and the ship ...
Упражнение 57
. a Frenchman . in Sweden. . at a hotel in a little . town. It was evening, the man .went to bed ... . In the morning . had breakfast in the hotel restaurant. After breakfast . went for a walk. . along the streets of the town, visited a museum and (some) shops. .dropped into a cafe for lunch. .sat down at the table, called a waiter . ordered mush-rooms. But the Frenchman . know Swedish . the waiter . know French. . in the cafe . speak French. . the Frenchman took a piece of paper . a pencil . the picture of a mushroom. The waiter . at the pic-ture . left the room .with an umbrella.
Упражнение 58
A guide . showing a group of rich American tourists the places of interest in a little town in the south of Italy. He took the tourists from place to place. as the town was small, after a while the guide . might be of interest to the Americans. . about the weather or the climate . said an American lady to the guide. . thought the guide. . had an idea. . from the west. . said the lady in a surprised tone: "What an interest-ing thing!" . another tourist .The wind . from the east . At the first moment the guide . was a clever man .found a way out. . must be the west wind .
Упражнение 59
The English king . was a tall. man. . to show people . riding on horseback in the countryside. horse lost a shoe. . from a village . found a blacksmith. "Give me a good horseshoe,". to the man. The blacksmith gave the king a horseshoe.. "give me a better one". The blacksmith . say a word. He gave the king another horseshoe. ordered the blacksmith . When the work . offered the man a coin. The black-smith took the coin ... . He took a larger coin .to the blacksmith. The man broke it. give me a better one". .gave the man a gold coin.
Упражнение 60
In the fifteenth century people knew : Europe, Asia . Africa. . such a big continent as America. The man . discovered America ... in Italy. . became a sailor at an early age. . that the Earth . to reach In-dia . to the west. . to arrange an expedition. have money. the king of Spain gave him money for the expedition. He set sail .The voyage ... On the 12th of October . reached land. . saw strange trees and flow-ers. Men and women with olive-coloured skins . around the sailors . with great surprise. . discovered a new way to India. .later another sailor reached America. The name of the sailor . it was a new continent.
Упражнение 61
1. .for a plain shirt, but all the shirts . 2. ... for a pair of black pants. 3. . for a blouse. Polka-dot blouses . this summer. 4. I bought a new hat ... . The shop assistant . was the latest style. 5. . to the shop. .buy a dress. 6. . at a big store. on Tuesday. 7. . bought a blue hat on Wednesday. The colour suits .got blue eyes. 8. . buy a pair of new gloves. 9.. is the shoe department? . . on the third floor. 10. I think the coat .. 11. . to a big store .. have a suit made to order. 12. . like the hat . . The colour . . 13. Here is the department of .can buy a nice pair of trousers ... . 14. . to give him a tie as a birthday present.
Упражнение 62
. was a teacher of physics at school. . method in physics . came to school on a new bicycle. The bicycle had a pair of pneumatic tyres . none of the pupils . During the lesson the teacher took the pupils into the school yard . showed them the new invention. "Now, children,." boys touched the tyres. "Cotton wool". "Steel springs," said another. . said the teacher... Suddenly a little boy. beside the bicycle. ".There’s wind inside." ". there’s air inside. . ". used the experi-mental method," said the boy: "I stuck a nail into the tyre.". For the first time . like the use of the experimental method.
Упражнение 63
1. . Lomonosov, the founder of the first .. university. 2. Nekrasov, a famous . poet, .the life of Russian peasants. 3. . to miss the con-cert . at the Philharmonic on the 15th of April. 4. . from the university .. is a scientist. .is a young scientist... . 5. .is a teacher of physics. 6. . read a book by Dickens, a famous . writer. 7. . know the way to the nearest cafe: I am a stranger... 8. The town . on the Volga. 9. . is the author . 10. A quarter of an hour . before the beginning of the concert. . entered the hall .saw a group of pupils.
Упражнение 64
1. During the vacation . two of the lectures .. about Russian mu-sic. 2. . stay in town for the vacation. 3. . before the end of the school year. The examinations ... . On the first of June . take an examination in literature. 4. . to spend the day in the country. 5. . brought a new book . looked at the title.: it was the book . for a long time. 6. . is acquainted with the actor .played the leading part in the play . . 7. "What river is the longest in Europe?" ". what a strange question .! . it is the Volga." 8. . have a lot of trouble . . 9. The day . The sky . with clouds.
Упражнение 65
I knew a man . many countries in the east and in the west. He loved children . them interesting stories. . some of the stories . . One of the stories .about an adventure . in London. He was a young man . interested in the history of architecture. . one of the towers of the Houses of Parliament. . onto the balcony of the tower . to look at the ornaments on the walls. . up on the roof. . a man came running . by the arm. . something in English, . words of English ... . The English-man called a policeman. The fact . that the Russian tourist . from the top of the tower. . laughed a lot over it.
Упражнение 66
One day, a father and his rich family . his son on a trip to the coun-try with the firm purpose . poor people . spent a day and a night at the farm of a very poor family. . their trip, the father asked his son, "How was the trip?". ". poor people ." the father asked. The son replied: ". have a dog at home. have a pool . to the middle of the garden; .have a river . has no end. . have imported lamps in the garden; . have the stars. Our patio . to the front yard; . have a whole horizon." When the little boy . his father ... . His son .
Упражнение 67
The room . the boys . was a large stone hall, with a copper . the cook took gruel . at mealtimes. . one portion of gruel. on Sundays . a quarter of bread ... . The bowls . the boys ... . At last the boys . with hunger . eat the boy . The boys . A council .. to go up to the cook . after supper... . The evening . the boys ... . The cook stood at the copper. The gruel .. from the table .advancing to the cook, said in a weak voice. The cook was a healthy man. said he in a trembling voice. The man .
Упражнение 68
. a London theatre performed a play . was a great storm . ..days theatres had no machines. . why the manager engaged several boys to make the waves of the sea. .under a big piece of... . The boys . a shil-ling a night .. for several weeks. .then the manager. them less money . . sixpence a night. So the boys . to go on strike. During a performance, when the storm began, when the wind blew . the sea . not a single wave ... . The angry manager . corner of the "sea" . said to the boys: "Make waves, boys, make waves!" ". want waves for a shilling." asked a boy in a loud voice. ". for a shilling," . the man-ager. The boys . the storm looked ... .
Упражнение 69
. for all the parts of a city . in order that a defensive wall . the streets... . Many European cities . with walls . in America . need for defensive walls. many American cities . on a regular plan. accord-ing to natural surroundings. The streets in American cities. having names, . understood the plan of an American city, . to another. The old part of New York lies in the southern half of Manhattan Island, . there the streets . as in the towns of the old world. But the rest of the streets. run in straight lines. . in the city. follow a straight line. . New York’s .. . sight of the dancing waters of the harbour .. be-
tween tall skyscrapers in the northwestern direction. . street is the long-est in the world.
Упражнение 70
Africa is a very large continent lying to the south of Europe and to the southwest of Asia . joined by the Isthmus of Suez. . ago men . of the middle of the continent. Travellers from Europe made long journeys into the centre . met terrible difficulties, for the continent . with for-ests full of fearful . animals. . died of hunger or thirst or strange ill-nesses, others . by lions, still others by natives; . to go along rivers into the heart of Africa. . came from European countries . were mil-lions of people . was a country, the richness of .
Упражнение 71
Robert Burns, a son of a small farmer . on the 25th of January. as a ploughboy. . had a ballad book . at dinner. After the death of . took over the farm ... . Working in the fields . on the farm, that the poet . to go to Jamaica . to get a job on a plantation .. to publish a book of poems. The book . went to Edinburgh, . unlocked the doors of rich . houses to . spent a peaceful . year. The rest of . is a tale of the poet’s hardships. The hard life. the poet’s health, and on the 21st of July. at the age of ... .
Упражнение 72
". there a post office near the house .?" "Go to the corner of the street . which trams run. . turn to the left . walk a short distance down the street. . cross the street. see a sign over a door ."
". without difficulty. . buy (some) stamps, send a telegram . re-ceive parcels . to send a parcel to an old friend. . in a week. . find a shop that sells nice things . as presents?"
". There’s a very good shop . down the street . in front of you . out of the post office . to a wide street . which buses and trolley-buses .. to the left again . come to a beautiful shop with big win-dows . sorts of things. . find nice presents .".
Упражнение 73
. near the end of the 19th century . in England . if a man . to pay a debt, . a small one, . be for life, . for the people in prison . make money to repay the sum . had friends . bring them materials . or making boots. .
The great English novelist . knew a great deal . and the whole family . him in the prison because. . The mother and the children. leave the place . the great gates were shut . described the life . that the English Government . to do away with debtors’ prisons.
Упражнение 74
At the beginning of the 19th century a little boy . in the family of ., a clerk at an office in Portsmouth, .. He had a sister . children in the family. . was sent to school. . not a strong child. . to play cricket or football ... . In . the family went to London, . him the hap-piest years .. in money difficulties. the family became ... . The boy had to .. put into a debtors’ prison. . all the horrors . of a large capi-talist city. . at a blacking factory. . there from morning till night. . was sent to school .. as a clerk. . learned stenography . became a re-porter . In . at the age . It was a collection of stories. The title of the book .. one of the greatest writers of the 19th century. .languages of the world.
Упражнение 75
During the American war of Independence, a commander of a small unit. was giving orders . about a heavy cannon . at the top of .. to lift the weight, . the commander . shouting encouraging words. An officer. asked the commander . help the soldiers. .surprised, the man .: ". I am a corporal!" replied the officer. got off the horse . hold of the rope . the men .. when the cannon . turned to the little great man ". have another job . enough men." The corporal . with astonishment. The man .
Упражнение 76
William Shakespeare, the greatest . playwright, . in Stratford-upon-Avon in England. Stratford is a small country town in a farming district near the centre of England. The Avon, . is a pretty river with grass and trees . through Stratford. . known of Shakespeare’s father. .. was a farmer . at different times . sold meat . sold wool. . in money difficulties. . about the life . . The little house . the great writer . . now a museum. . went to school in Stratford. . went to London. Probably the first work . were in London . . became an ac-tor . to write plays for the company . bought the largest house . . He spent the last years . in Stratford. visited London.
Упражнение 77
. my 65-year-old father . his daily run. . an unusually hot day, . felt a little sick. to rest in the shade. A passerby . my father said. be able to get home. . another person . The man realized .. That stranger . father’s life. . suffered a heart attack . for five days.. thank that passerby and helping a stranger . my father has many years . his grandchildren. .be Good Samaritans . see the need. A life . .
Упражнение 78
A young man . to rob a store . my office. . bought a bag of po-tato chips, . while the clerk was making change, . to grab the money from the cash register. When the clerk . closed the drawer, the man . to take the cash register . was a rack full of cigarettes in the corner of the store. . to grab the cigarettes . the clerk . The man . was spot-ted by the police . driving a stolen car. The police . with lights . and sirens ... charged with possession of a stolen vehicle. His fine . the man asked . near the store and get his potato chips. The clerk at the store . as the man . to steal the cash register . charged with at-tempted robbery. His fine . he sits in jail awaiting the trial.
Упражнение 79
1. . Shaw, a well-known . playwright, . born in Ireland . was a son of a clerk . working at an early age. At the age of twenty . to London . became a journalist. 2. The play "Widowers’ Houses" shows egoism and hypocrisy . from the London slums where the poorest peo-ple . 3. . travelling in Germany . Trench, a young . doctor, . Mr. Sartorius, a respectable . gentleman. . The young people . know what kind of property .. from a conversation . was the owner of . all the property . getting money out of the poor people . to take money . live on the small income . had a quarrel, . left the house. . that the land . was living on the money got in the same way. . in the end:.becomes a partner . in fact ... .
Упражнение 80
My husband picks up a local newspaper . from a vending machine on our way to work. The other morning, a girl . was in front of him in line, buying a paper for her mother, . sitting in the car. The child put the money for one paper in the slot . two newspapers!My husband . . The child . ... took the two newspapers to her mother.
. what this mother . her daughter becomes a teen . arrested for shoplifting at the mall? . her daughter got the idea .
The mother missed the opportunity . her child . . If the child took an extra newspaper in error, the mother .. put the child .
Упражнение 81
Three bank robbers got a surprise . . The three robbers, . as clean-ers at a hospital, .to the bank . . The three men, wearing masks . their faces, . of the car . into the bank. Inside the bank, they pointed guns at the customers . bank tellers. One of the men told all the cus-tomers . on the floor. . one of the other men . "Quick the money! Give me money!" . one of the tellers .. .some bags. . leaving the bank, the three men . into their van .. One mile down the road, the rob-bers . their van next to an ambulance . before the robbery. . into the ambulance . to their hospital. . leaving the ambulance in the hospital parking lot, the three men . into a small room. . opened the bags of money . . . got a very unpleasant surprise! The bank teller . given the robbers special bags containing bright red ink! The red ink . when the bag . , the men . As the men left the room . to leave the hospital, an emergency room .". covered in blood." . refused her help. . The doctor . called the police. The police caught the robbers . . Outside the bank .
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