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МОДАЛЬНЫЕ ГЛАГОЛЫ _Упр. 500 по 515 _ключи
08.12.2013, 22:56
Упражнение 501
1. It was quite clear to everybody in the family that he had to start getting ready for his examination instead of wasting time. 2. It was im-possible to do anything in such a short time. I had to ask the chief to put off my report. 3. I did hot mean that you had to do everything they told you. 4. It was already twenty minutes past eight. You had to go or you would have been late for the first lesson. 5. I was very tired. I felt I had to go to bed at once, or I would have fallen asleep where I was sitting. 6. We could not wait for them any longer, we had to ring them up and find out what had happened. 7. I was thinking hard trying to find a solu-tion of the problem. There had to be a way out.
Упражнение 502
1. He had to work systematically if he wanted to know French well. He will have to work systematically if he wants to know French well. 2. This child had to spend more time out in the open air. This child will have to spend more time out in the open air. 3. I could not recite this poem. I will not be able to recite this poem. 4. You had to take part in this work. You will have to take part in this work. 5. He could not join the party because he was busy. He will not be able to join the party be-cause he will be busy. 6. You had to listen to the tape recording of this text several times. You will have to listen to the tape recording of this text several times. 7. You had to take your examination in English. You will have to take your examination in English. 8. She could translate this article without a dictionary. She will be able to translate this article with-out a dictionary. 9. We could not meet them at the station. We will not be able to meet them at the station. 10. The doctor had to examine the child. The doctor will have to examine the child.
Упражнение 503
1. go to the shop today.
cook dinner.
I must do my homework.
go to school.
write a letter to my brother.
2. go to the shop tomorrow.
cook dinner.
I will have to do my homework.
go to school.
write a letter to my brother.
3. go to the shop yesterday.
cook dinner.
I had to do my homework.
go to school.
write a letter to my brother.
Упражнение 504
1. What must you do today?
Today I must go to the swimming pool, buy a present for my friend and finish writing my course paper.
2. What will you have to do tomorrow?
Tomorrow I will have to go to the embassy to get a visa and then I will have to start preparing for my examination.
3. What did you have to do yesterday?
Yesterday I had to get up very early as I planned to do about the house and cook dinner for the family.
Упражнение 505
1. May I come in? 2. You must / may / cannot smoke .. 3. May I take your book? 4. He cannot speak .. 5. I must go. 6. They cannot go .. 7. You can read .. 8. What can we see . 9. Can you speak . . I cannot. 10. . must you come . 11. She still may live .. 12. He must be writing .. 13. He must enjoy .. 14. .. she can . paint . I can . admire .. She must be .. She can speak .. She can translate . She can also teach ..
Упражнение 506
1. May I take your book? 2. At the English lesson you must speak only English. 3. Must we hand in our exercise-books today? 4. May I ask you a question? . Yes, you are welcome/ / Yes, you may. 5. I cannot go to the cinema with you because I am very busy. 6. May I smoke here? . Yes, you are welcome. / Yes, you may. 7. He must be in his office now. You can speak to him. 8. May I come in? . You are welcome. / Yes, you may. 9. You must read this text. 10. Can he do this task? 11. I must speak to my friend today. 12. We must pay this electricity bill by the end of the month. 13. This woman is an excellent driver. She can even drive a bus. 14. May I have a tuna sandwich and a cup of coffee?
Упражнение 507
1. Нам надо было добраться туда раньше остальных. 2. Он дол-жен был сказать ей, где нас найти. 3. Она должна была окончить институт в том году. 4. Она должна была быть в этом платье на выпускном вечере. 5. Он должен прийти сюда в пять часов. 6. Поезд отправлялся в пять пятнадцать. 7.Мне предстояло ждать ее на вокзале. 8. Мы собирались пойти в кино в тот день. 9. Они должны были вы-ступать в понедельник. 10. Они договорились, что он будет звонить, как только она будет вне опасности. 11. Вокруг пруда надо было по-садить розы. 12. Позже должно было состояться обсуждение.
Упражнение 508
I. What am I to do if they come too early? 2. The youngest children were to play on the beach. 3. You are to show the place to her. 4. I am to leave tomorrow at the latest. 5. Where am I to be taken? 6. This is Dora. She is to share the room with you. 7. And who is to do the cooking? 8. Two more apartment houses are to be built here. 9. The cup final was to be played that afternoon. 10. Who is to meet you at the station?
Упражнение 509
1. . we were to meet . I had to leave .. 2. The meeting is to be-gin .. 3. Where is the lecture . 4. I am to go .You are to look .we are to work .. 5. "You are to do." 6. I have to help .. 7. . we had to wait .. 8. I will have to ask .. 9. . I was to buy .. 10. . the pupils are to return ..
Упражнение 510
1. . Luke Flint was to have the right .. 2. . you have to go .. 3. The planters had to gather .. 4. I have to wear .. 5. Johnny White had to borrow .. 6. . we have to get rid of . 7. She had to send .. 8. . she was to send .. 9. You are to learn .. 10. He is to be .. 11. Who was to go . I had to finish .. 12. You will have to put .. 13. The patient is to/ has to stay .. 14. . and had to take .. 15. . she was to open ..
Упражнение 511
1. I will have to stay at home these days. The doctor says I am not to go out till my temperature is normal. 2. Stay here while he is busy. I don’t think you will have to wait long. 3. The performance was to begin at seven o’clock. 4. We had to put off the trip as the weather had got worse. 5. If you want to become proficient in a language, you have to read a lot. 6. According to the new timetable we are to have five English lessons a week. 7. We decided that everybody was to take part in the concert. 8. Sooner or later you will have to see the doctor. 9. Next year we are to begin studying astronomy. 10. To work out a new theory, the scientists had to make numerous experiments. 11. You are to learn this poem by
Wednesday. 12. I was to learn this poem by Wednesday. 13. I had to learn this poem by Wednesday. 14. I will have to learn this poem by Wednesday. 15. He has to learn this poem today as he did not learn it yesterday. 16. You will not have to learn this poem. 17. I did not have to learn this poem. 18. As he learnt this poem yesterday, he does not have to learn it now. 19. This week we are to meet with an outstanding scientist. 20. There was no way out, and he had to pay a fine. 21. I was to write a composition on Pushkin’s creative activity, and for this I had to reread some of his works which I remembered badly.
Упражнение 512
1. Вы не можете прочесть так много книг. 2. Вы можете не чи-тать так много книг. 3. Коля не может пойти в школу сегодня. 4. Ко-ля может не ходить в школу сегодня. 5. Они не могут перевести эту статью. 6. Они могут не переводить эту статью. 7. Моя сестра не может написать это письмо: она очень занята. 8. Моя сестра может не писать это письмо: я позвоню им. 9. Она не может купить хлеб. 10. Она может не покупать хлеб. 11. Он не мог остаться там на ночь. 12. Он мог и не оставаться там на ночь. 13. Мы не могли сделать всю эту работу. 14. Мы могли и не делать всю эту работу. 15. Она не могла приготовить такой большой обед. 16. Она могла и не готовить такой большой обед. 17. Они не могли написать сочинение. 18. Они могли и не писать сочинение. (Им не нужно было писать сочинение.) 19. Я не мог пойти в библиотеку. 20. Я мог и не ходить в библиотеку.
Упражнение 513
1. Need you do it all today? 2. Mother need not have cooked this enormous dinner. 3. We need not take the six-thirty. 4. She need not have done it herself. 5. You need not worry. 6. You need not be present. 7. Need we go into all that now? 8. Need you have mentioned all these figures? 9. You need not press the skirt. 10. You need not have reminded me about her birthday.
Упражнение 514
1. We have got plenty of time to spare, and we need not hurry. 2. You need not do it now. You can do it tomorrow. 3. She need not help. Every-thing has been already done. 4. He need not have sold his piano. 5. You need not have shouted at the child like that. 6. Now they cannot sleep. They need not have watched this horror film. 7. Need I help you? No, thank you, I will do everything myself. 8. You need not go there. 9. He need not worry about her. 10. I need not ask him: he will tell me everything himself. 11. You need not ring me up: I will not forget about my promise. 12. Need she buy such a lot of foodstuffs? 13. She need not go to the library: I will give her the book. 14. You need not have taken the umbrella: I am sure it will not rain.
Упражнение 515
1. May I take . I must return .. 2. Alec must practise . pupils need not .3. They may come . they need not come . 4. May / Must I go .you may / must. 5. Must we hand in . No, you need not, you may hand .. 6. Must John really do .No, he need not, he may do . 7. You must not let . may break... 8. May I help . 9. You must park .. 10. You must have cancelled ..

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