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Упражнение 555
1. Он, должно быть, продал свое пианино.
2. Он, возможно, продал свое пианино.
3. Может быть, он продал свое пианино (хотя вряд ли).
4. Не может быть, что он продал свое пианино.
5. Ему следовало продать пианино.
6. Ему не следовало продавать пианино.
7. Он мог и не продавать пианино.
8. Ему не понадобилось продавать пианино.
9. Ему пришлось продать пианино.
10. Ему предстояло продать пианино.
Упражнение 556
1. They must have gone to New York.
2. They may have gone to New York.
3. They might have gone to New York.
4. They cannot have gone to New York.
5. They should have gone to New York.
6. They should not have gone to New York.
7. They need not have gone to New York.
8. They did not have to go to New York.
9. They had to go to New York.
10. They were to go to New York.
Упражнение 557
1. I cannot believe .But you must go .
2. .we can meet . .
3. Could he speak .
4. My neighbours can grow ...
5. Could you turn .
6. I cannot believe. .You must learn .I cannot .I need to buy.
7. . you must work . .
8. Can / may I take .but you must not give . .
9. Mother, can / may I go .No, you cannot / may not.
10. You must call .we need not do it. My can fix . .
11. Must we bring .you need not: you can take . .
12. Can you go .I cannot: I must go . .
Упражнение 558
1. You need not come .. 2. You need not change .you only must rewrite .. 3. Can you help me.? . I will be able to help.. 4. John need not tell .. 5. May I return . I cannot finish .You must bring .. 6. We must hurry .. 7. Can you translate . I can. 8. Only Ann had to return . she could not stay .. 9. . when you have to take .. 10. She can decorate .. 11. We cannot afford .. 12. . he has to go to hospital .. 13. Ann could not go . she had to go .. 14. You must take . You must not stop .You must drink . as you can. You need not stay .you must not do .you must just relax ..
Упражнение 559
1. You may take this book if you like.
2. You can take this book: it is not heavy.
3. You need not take this book.
4. I cannot take this book.
5. Just think: we need not have gone there!
6. You need not agree at once: think a few days.
7. You may go there today.
8. You need not go there today.
9. You need not rewrite the composition.
10. You can stay: you have time, don’t you?
11. You may stay if you like.
12. You need not stay if you don’t want to.
13. You need not tell him about it.
14. You may tell him about it.
15. We need not repeat these rules: we know them.
16. We need not have written the composition.
17. He need not have come: everything had already been done.
Упражнение 560
1. You may go there: I don’t mind. 2. You can go there: it is quite near. 3. You cannot go there: you don’t know the address. 4. You need not go there: I can ring them up. 5. You must not go there: they are very bad people. 6. You need not have gone there yesterday. 7. You should go there: they are waiting for you. 8. You should have gone there yesterday. 9. You should not have gone there yesterday. 10. She must be at home now. 11. She must have been at home yesterday. 12. We may come to see you tomorrow. 13. They may have come to our place, but we were out. 14. He must have seen this monument when he was in your town. 15. He may have seen this monument when he was in your town. 16. He cannot know this picture. 17. He cannot have seen this picture.
Упражнение 561
1. I cannot find my watch. . You may have left it at work. . No, I cannot have left it at work: I never take it off my wrist. 2. Will you be able to speak to him tomorrow? 3. I must have lost my way. Can you tell me how to get to the Hermitage? 4. I had to read a lot of books when I was getting ready for my report. 5. I could not remember the last lines of the sonnet, and I had to ring up my friend specially. 6. I must buy a cake today. 7. My brother cannot speak English. 8. My sister can speak French. 9. May I see your photo? 10. Can you show me your photo? 11. He cannot be forty: he looks much younger. 12. He cannot have for-gotten to come. He must have been very busy. 13. We may go to the country if the weather is fine. 14. If my sister does not buy me any cof-fee, I will have to go to the shop myself.
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