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УПОТРЕБЛЕНИЕ ВРЕМЕН _Упр. 171 по 185 _ключи
09.12.2013, 00:05
Упражнение 173
1. I’m taking . I take.
2. He is helping . he helps.
3. They are going . they go.
4. She is playing . she plays.
5. I am reading . I read.
6. He is sleeping . he sleeps.
7. We are drinking . we drink.
8. They are going . they go.
9. I am not sleeping . I do not sleep.
10. She is not drinking . she does not drink.
11. We are not watching . we do not watch.
12. They are not eating . they do not eat.
13. My mother is not working . my mother does not work.
14. Are you working . do you work.
15. Is he playing . does he play.
16. Are they eating . do they eat.
17. Is your sister resting . does your sister rest.
18. What are you doing . what do you do.
19. What are you reading . what do you read.
20. What are they eating . what do they eat.
21. What is your brother drinking . what does your brother drink.
22. Is everybody having . does everybody have.
23. Is she taking . how often does she take.
24. Where are they going . where do they go.
25. Are they speaking . what language do they usually speak.
Упражнение 174
1. He works.. 2. Does he work.. 3. He doesn’t work.. 4. They read. 5. Do they read.. 6. They do not read. 7. The children are eat-ing... 8. Are the children eating. 9. The children are not eating. 10. Do you play. 11. When do you play. 12. What does Nick do.. 13. Does he go.. 14. We do not dance. 15. Kate is dancing.. 16. Does Kate sing.. 17. Where does he go.. 18. He does not sleep.. 19. My granny sleeps.. 20. When do you sleep.. 21. Nina is not sleeping.. 22. Where does John live. he lives.. 23. My friends from Switzerland speak.. 24. Does Elvire speak.. 25. She doesn’t only speak Italian / She doesn’t speak only Italian.
Упражнение 175
1. Tom plays.. 2. He doesn’t play.. 3. I am wearing.. 4. I am not wearing.. 5. My friend does not like.. 6. I am not reading. 7. Is he sleeping. 8. We do not go... 9. My sister eats.. 10. She is not eating. 11. They do... 12. They do not go.. 13. My father does not work... 14. He works.. 15. I read. 16. I do not read.. 17. I am writing.. 18. I am not writing. 19. They are playing.. 20. They are not play-ing. 21. Are they playing. 22. He helps... 23. Does he help... 24. He does not help... 25. Do you go... 26. Is she working. 27. Is he deliver-ing... 28. Do you go...
Упражнение 176
1. His father is not watching TV. He is sleeping. he is. 2. Pat is not cooking. She is talking. . She cooks. 3. I am not drinking. I am writing.. 4. I do not drink. I drink... 5. Is your friend doing.. 6. Does your friend go.. 7. The baby is sleeping. 8. The baby always sleeps.. 9. My grandmother does not work.. 10. My father is not sleeping. . He is working.. 11. I usually get.. 12. What is your sister doing. She is washing.. 13. When do you usually come. I come.. 14. Where does your cousin work. He works.. 15. Does your sister study. she studies.. 16. My cousin goes.. 17. My mother is not play-ing. She plays.. 18. When do you listen.. 19.  Who is making.. 20. Are you reading. thinking . 21. They are good dancers., they don’t go... . 22. What is she talking..
Упражнение 177
1. I am sitting.. 2. I am not working.. 3. Eric is talking. Kenny is not listening. . He is thinking.. 4. My friend lives.. 5. My cousin does not live.. 6. The children are not sleeping now. 7. The children play.. 8. They do not go.. 9. She reads.. 10. She does not read.. 11. She is not reading.. 12. I am writing.. 13. I am not drinking..14. I go.. 15. I do not go.. 16. He is not reading.. 17. He is play-ing.. 18. Is he playing.. 19. My mother works.. 20. My aunt does not work.. 21. Do you work.. 22. Does your father work.. 23. Are you playing.. 24. The clouds are moving. the sun is appearing,.it is getting.. 25. His health is improving.. 26. Who is playing.. 27. Henry usually wears. he is wearing.. 28. Who is listening.?
Упражнение 178
1. I do not know.. 2. Do they want.. 3. She thinks. he drives.. 4. He understands. he eats. he always forgets.. 5. Who is that man. who is standing. Don’t you recognize. It is.. 6. I have. I am having.. 7. Does your family leave. we always go. we all like. Mother stays. father returns.. 8. Where are Tom and Nick. They are having.. 9. What are you doing. We are listening.. 10. Do you want. I do.. 11. Michael knows. He wants. he has.. 12. . are you reading. It is. There are. are you. I am. I do not know.. 13. We are having.. 14. Does Lena usually prepare. she doesn’t. she works. what is she writing. she is writing..
Упражнение 179
There is. . It is eating. . It is giving. I think. monkeys like. I want.Where do they live. the tiger wants.it is going. the lion is looking. Do you think it wants. When do the lions and tigers have. The keepers bring. they make. everybody knows. they are..
Упражнение 180
1. .I often go.. 2.. we sometimes go.. 3. Andrew gets. he lives. he is never.. 4. It is. Victor is doing. his sister is reading. his mother and grandmother are talking. 5. I am writing. who lives. I write.. 6. It takes.. 7. Where are you going. I am hurrying.. 8. When do your lessons begin. They begin.. 9. Where is your sis-ter. She is doing.. 10. It usually takes.. 11. Where is Boris. I am looking... . He is having.. 12. I am looking. do you have. I don’t want. It is. it is. it has.
Упражнение 181
1. Do you keep. . I don’t think. it is. I usually have. I eat. 2. He is learning. he wants. 3. The teacher knows.. the girl doesn’t of-ten argue. 4. I think she often worries. 5. Barbara’s boss sees she is al-ways late.. 6. I am calling. I want. it is. 7. Do you hear. How is your job going. . I am enjoying. The only problem I have. is . the food is. I eat. I am getting. 8. Ruth is learning. she likes. she wants.. 9. Do you understand. what language he is speaking.. 10. Is
your English getting... . I think.. 11. We know. he never takes. 12. They think. he learns. he knows. he speaks. 13. He is just working.. 14. I don’t like. I am enjoying. I am.. 15. Do you have. Rick is. I don’t see. . He is visiting.. 16. We don’t have. . I am coming. 17. She is trying. I think. She always has.. 18. She tries.. 19. My little brother doesn’t play. That is why he is practis-ing.. 20. My grandmother is. She is baking. She bakes. 21. Tom is. He is. He is yawning.. 22. I am. That is why I am crying.
Упражнение 182
1. I will go.. 2. He will give.. 3. The nurse will lead.. 4. I’ll take off and put on.. 5. Dr. Setton will come in. shake. and say.. 6. I’ll stand.. 7. He’ll take.. 8. He’ll take.. 9. He’ll take.. 10. He’ll exam-ine.. 11. He’ll listen.. 12. He’ll take and do.. 13. I’ll go and wait. 14. Dr. Setton will call and say...
Упражнение 183
1. I will play. 2. I will not play... 3. Will you play.. 4. He plays... 5. He does not play... 6. Does he play... 7. They are playing... 8. They are not playing... 9. Are they playing... 10. Nick is going. 11. Nick goes. 12. Nick will go... 13. I miss.. 14. Do you ever buy.. 15. Do you think. it is... 16. What present will your mother receive.. 17. A. The weather is. B. It’ll be.. A. It’s getting. I think. it’ll be.. B. You are. It is getting. My feet are freezing. You know.. A. You never know. They say. fog will cover. It will clear and become.. B. Are you kidding. I’m freezing. Where is the bus. We are waiting. We always wait. we’ll wait.
Упражнение 184
1. Will you come.. 2. Will you read. 3. Do you read.. 4. Are you reading.. 5. I will not see.. 6. What will you do. 7. What will your friend do... 8. Where will you go. 9. Where do you go. 10. Where are you going... 11. Mary is dancing... 12. She dances. 13. Will she dance. 14. He will go... 15. We go. 16. Kate is going.. 17. Will you help.. 18. I am not playing.. 19. My brother plays.. 20. They will not take.. 21. Do you like.. 22. Will you eat... 23. Nick reads. 24. Mother works. 25. He is not sleeping. 26. Will your brother go.. 27. We will not go.. 28. I am not learning... 29. She lives... 30. My fa-ther shoots... 31. He is carrying. .
Упражнение 185
1. My sister does not like.. 2. When do you go.. 3. What is he read-ing.. 4. What does he read.. 5. What will he read.. 6. Will you give.
7. Where will she be.. 8. Where will she go.. 9. Will she go.. 10. They will stay.. 11. What are you doing. I see. you are not reading.. 12. When will you finish. it is. it is.. 13. How do you usually spend.. 14. What will you do.. 15. They are not drinking. I think. they are watching.. 16. What does your father drink.. 17. When do you get. I get.. 18. My brother usually does not get. he gets. he will get.. 19. Why will she come.. 20. We will go.. 21. Our friends always go.. 22. The kitten is playing.. 23. Are your parents watching.. 24. My sister is not resting. she is helping. she helps...

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