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УПОТРЕБЛЕНИЕ ВРЕМЕН _Упр. 206 по 241 _ключи
09.12.2013, 00:17
Упражнение 206
1. I played.. 2. I was playing.. 3. He was playing. 4. We were playing.. 5. My brother did not play. he played.. 6. My sister was not playing.. she was playing.. 7. Mother was cooking.. 8. She was cooking.. 9. We washed.. 10. We were washing.. 11. Did you do. 12. Were you doing.. 13. Why was she sleeping.. 14. He was sit-ting.. 15. What was Nick doing.. 16. What were you doing.. 17. I was not sleeping.. 18. What did he do. . He read.. 19. What was he doing. . He was reading.. 20. Was she sleeping...
Упражнение 207
1.. I came home, my little sister was sleeping. 2. .Nick came home, his brother was playing.. 3.. Mother came, I was doing.. 4. .father came, Pete was sleeping. 5. .Mother came, the children were playing.. 6. .I got up, my mother and father were drinking.. 7. .I came . he was watching TV. 8. . I saw., they were playing.. 9.. I opened., the cat was sitting.. 10.. Kate opened., the children were dancing.. 11.. Tom was crossing., he fell. 12.. I was go-ing., I met.. 13. .We were going., we met.. 14. .Grandmother was going., she saw.. 15. .Henry was walking., he found.. 16. .We were walking., we saw.. 17. . I was washing., I found.. 18. .Granny was reading., she fell.. 19. .I was playing., I saw.. 20. . Nick was running., he fell. 
Упражнение 208
1. The girl was cooking. the lights went out. she burnt / burned.. 2. The boy hurt. he was skating. 3. .The woman entered. the chil-dren were feeding.. 4. .I was visiting. I bought.. 5.. It started., we were bathing.. 6. .I was having.. 7. .he came., I was doing.. 8. What were you doing.. 9. .I was going.. 10. You were sleeping. I went. 11. He was reading. I came. sat.. 12. I was walking. a tram passed.. 13. She was looking. I saw.. 14. We were answering. the headmistress entered.. 15. They were drinking. I came.. 16. He was walking. a boat passed. 17. The old man was thinking. he fell.. 18. We listened to. 19.. I entered. the teacher was writing. the pu-pils were copying.. 20. They were getting. it began..
Упражнение 209
1. I went.. 2. I was going.. 3. What were you doing. I was play-ing.. 4.. I came, the children were standing.. 5. We were playing.. 6.. I was preparing., I cut.. 7.. I went.. 8. Did you go. . I went.. 9. What did you do. . I translated.. 10.. I rang, he was sleeping. 11.. Grandfather was watching., he fell.. 12. . My friend came, I was doing.. 13. .I was going., I met.. 14.. Nick rang, I was helping.. 15.. the children were walking. they saw.. 16.. I came., my sister was washing.. 17.. Mike was playing., he found.. 18.. I was drawing., I broke.. 19.. I met., he was go-ing.. 20.. I looked., the children were playing..
Упражнение 210
1. Father was watching.. 2. I went.. 3. I finished.. 4. I was play-ing.. 5. He began.. 6. She was washing.. 7. I met.. 8. .I came, Kate was playing.. 9.. I met John, he was going.. 10.. I was go-ing., I saw.. 11. They played.. 12. They were playing.. 13. I was cleaning.. 14. We went.. 15. .. the teacher opened., the pupils were sitting.. 16. He got up.. 17. Father came.. 18. I was reading.. 19. She fell.. 20. Mother was drinking..
Упражнение 211
1. . we went. there was. we enjoyed. we were skiing. 2. They met.. 3. Where did you spend. 4. We were. twenty minutes were.. 5. I was playing. my friend came. he invited. I accepted.. 6. He rang. asked... 7.. I came., my friend was already waiting... 8.. I was going. I broke.. 9. the teacher walked. the boys were listening to. the girls were eating and drinking.. 10. She was going. I met. she  wasn’t going. 11. What were you doing when the accident happened? . I was walking. 12. The thieves took. he was leaving..
Упражнение 212
1. The cat took. ran.. 2. He was reading. I came in. 3.. I got up.. 4. The train started. 5. He put on. opened. went out. 6.. I was sitting.. 7. He came.. 8. I was going. I saw... 9.. we were hav-ing.. 10. He was writing. I came in. 11. He was making. I left.. 12.. He wrote.. 13.. I looked. they were smiling... 14. What were you doing.. 15. I went.. 16.. the lesson began.. 17.. somebody knocked. she was arguing.. 18.. Pete was jogging. he lost.. 19.. the police took. I was going.. 20. He was shaving. he heard...
Упражнение 213
1. Lena swept.. 2. Lena was sweeping.. 3. Did they go.. 4.. they were sailing., they saw.. 5. We were working.. 6. Mother was cooking.. 7. She finished.. 8.. we were having.. 9. They trans-lated.. 10. I opened.. 11. Did you go.. 12. I did not see.. 13.. I opened., my friends were sitting.. 14. When did you begin. 15. We were discussing.. 16.. I was reading., I found.. 17. Did you watch TV -. we were watching TV.. 18. When did you go.. 19. I went.. 20.. I was sleeping. 21.. I came. my little brother was sitting. he was playing. I told. he was making..
Упражнение 214
1. I fed.. 2. What were you doing. . I was feeding.. 8. What did your brother do. . He played.. 4. I began.. 5.. Helen was cooking.. 6. What were you doing when your sister came? 7. Were you having.. 8. He did not go.. 9. Nick went.. 10. Rick was sleeping.. 11.. we were playing. it suddenly started.. 12. I saw. he was cross-ing.. 13. He began.. 14. He was repairing.. 15. He finished. 16. We were playing.. 17. Kate did not go. she was writing.. 18. When did your father come. . He came.. 19.. my father came., my mother was making.. 20. We did not go..
Упражнение 215
We were walking. we saw him . that was passing by. He recog-nized. the bus was . We were. we had. we decided to go . we heard. he said ". I was going. I suddenly saw.."
Упражнение 216
The sun was going. I reached a village which was. The working day was. the villagers were coming. two boys were driving. I approached. asked.An old man said. he took. A fire was burning. we entered. One girl of about eighteen was preparing. two other girls were still doing. The old man invited. They all seemed. we had. my new friends and I went. The moon was shining. the night was. That evening was.
Упражнение 217
1. Where were you. . I was. I rang. nobody answered. . I was. I was reading. did not hear.. 2. What were you doing. . I was working. . I was. I did not see.. 3. Nina celebrated. there were. I came. somebody was playing. two or three pairs were danc-ing. 4. Somebody is playing.. 5. I like.. 6. .I looked. it was rain-ing. people were hurrying.. 7. What were you doing. . I was hav-ing.. 8.. I came. I saw. were sitting. father was reading. who lives.. 9. . I was working.. 10. It was raining.. 11. Where is your sister. . She is. she is doing..
Упражнение 218
1. We had. they say. they are having.. 2.. she was shopping. she lost. she doesn’t know.. 3. They are announcing. we have. one of our suitcases is missing. 4. Who is speaking. . I don’t know. 5. He doesn’t smoke. he isn’t smoking. he was. he wasn’t smoking. he was working.. 6.. my sister was washing. she found.. 7. When did you learn.. 8. We are going. it is.. 9. Who are you waiting.. 10. Her car broke. she was driving. 11. When and where did it hap-pen.. 12. She always wears. she is wearing.. 13. What is she watch-ing.. 14. I saw. he was running. he didn’t have.. 15. What does your son do. . He studies (is studying).. 16. What are you doing.. 17.. she opened., a man was standing. it was. she didn’t recog-nize. he was wearing.. 18.. we went.
Упражнение 219
1. Where does your brother work? . He works.. 2. Was your grandmother sleeping when you came . 3. What will your brother do.. 4. I did not go. I will go.. 5. Where was Kate going when you met.. 6. .They are skating.. 7. Did you skate. . We were skating. we will skate.. 8. He skates.. 9. What are you doing. . I am wash-ing. 10. What were you doing. . I was having.. 11. Are you hav-ing. 12. . the boss enters.. 13.. the boss entered.. 14. When will the boss come. 15. . we were listening to.. 16.. I entered. the secretary was typing.. 17. My friend rang.. 18. My friends are play-ing.. 19. Kate does not write.. 20. Did you see.. 21. Did your father go.. 22. What did Nick do. 23. When does Nick get.. 24. Where will your mother go. 25. I will invite.. 26. A disco, which took place. kept.
Упражнение 220
1. I am applying. want. the visa is.. 2. They were listening to. the telephone rang. 3. I am looking.. 4. My train leaves. . I’ll drive.. 5. Will I check.. 6. . cars are getting.. 7. He gets.. 8. A fa-ther and his son were travelling. it was snowing. a strong wind was blowing. they were going. they heard. the father lost. they were. their lives were.. a helicopter took. they were. the happy father looked and said. I’ll never drive. it snows. I promise. it is .dangerous. it is .slippery.
Упражнение 221
1. The pupils have written. . (Ученики пишут диктант.) Учени-ки написали диктант. 2. My friend has helped. . (Мой друг мне помогает решить сложную проблему.) Мой друг мне помог решить сложную проблему. 3. I have learnt. . (Я учу стихотворение.) Я выучил стихотворение. 4. She has told. . (Она рассказывает им интересную историю.) Она рассказала им интересную историю. 5. Kate has swept. . (Кейт подметает пол.) Кейт подмела пол. 6. The waiter has put. . (Официант ставит перед ним бутылку ли-монада) Официант поставил перед ним бутылку лимонада. 7. I have eaten. . (Я ем свой завтрак.) Я съел свой завтрак. 8. We have drunk. . (Мы пьем воду.) Мы выпили воды. 9. He has brought. . (Он несет им мясо с овощами.) Он принес им мясо с овощами. 10. You have put. . (Ты ставишь посуду на стол.) Ты поставил по-суду на стол. 11. They have had. . (Они пьют чай.) Они выпили чаю. 12. She has taken. . (Она убирает грязные тарелки со стола.) Она убрала грязные тарелки со стола. 13. The children have put on. . (Дети надевают свои пальто.) Дети надели свои пальто. 14. Susan has made. . (Сьюзан шьет новое платье на свой день рождения.) Сьюзан сшила новое платье на свой день рождения. 15. She has opened. . (Она открывает коробку шоколадных конфет.) Она от-крыла коробку шоколадных конфет. 16. I have bought. . (Я поку-паю молоко для молочных коктейлей.) Я купил молоко для молоч-ных коктейлей. 17. James has ordered. . (Джеймс заказывает бу-тылку яблочного сока.) Джеймс заказал бутылку яблочного сока. 18. We have looked. . (Мы ищем еще диски с хорошей музыкой). Мы нашли еще диски с хорошей музыкой 19. You have recorded. . (Ты записываешь свой любимый фильм на его видео магнитофоне.  Ты записал свой любимый фильм на его видеомагнитофоне 20. I have translated. . (Я перевожу сложную статью с немецкого языка на русский.) Я перевел сложную статью с немецкого языка на русский.
Упражнение 223
1.. are you doing. . I’m writing.. 2. Who has written.. 3. .are you studying? 4. We have already learnt.. 5.is she teach-ing.? 6. Who has taught.? 7. He has just .done. 8. Have you found.? 9. .are you looking for? 10. are you talking.. 11. We have just talked.. 12.He has just said.. 13. She is telling.. 14. He has told.. 15. She has told.. 16. We have had.. 17. They are having.. 18. She hasn’t spoken.. 19. They have asked.. 20. She has already learnt.. 21. I’m writing.. 22. .is he doing. He is reading.. 23. Have you read.. 24. I’m answering.. 25. He has fixed. he isn’t having any trouble.. 26. You have just heard ..
Упражнение 224
1. Why has he stopped? 2. My cousin is looking. he hasn’t found.. 3. It has been impossible.. 4. What are you studying.? 5. They have just given you a pay rise. 6.. She is knitting.. 7. Have you only had.? You haven’t eaten.. 8. People are planting.. 9. Are you go-ing.? 10. Johnny, who has finally found. is giving.. 11. How long have you been.? 12. Have you seen.? 13. What are you looking.? 14. Nancy is looking.. 15. She is going. she is not going.. 16. Has Mike left.?. 17. Have they paid.? 18. How long have you known..? 19. Your car is making.. 20. The boy has done. is taking.. 21. I am having.. 22. Jay has never travelled.. 23. We have always had. 24. Larry has never owned.
Упражнение 225
1. She is still typing her article. 2. We haven’t seen her for a long time. 3. The grandparents have already visited their grandsons. 4. And now they are sitting in the drawing room and talking about them. 5. Have you ever been to Africa? 6. He has done everything for her. And now he is going to buy her a house. 7. The concert hasn’t begun yet, and we are sitting in the hall and discussing our problems. 8. Wait for me! I have not taken money. 9. I have just had breakfast. 10. He has already had break-fast. 11. We haven’t had breakfast yet. 12. They are still drinking tea in the canteen. 13. I have already done my homework. 14. He is still doing his homework. 15. We have had three lessons today. 16. They have just had a meeting. 17. She hasn’t read this book yet. 18. She is still reading. 19. Who has written it? 20. What have you written to him? 21. I’ve just been to the dentist and I feel much better. 22. He is lying. He hasn’t done his homework yet. 23. Why isn’t he eating dinner? . He is still talking to his friend on the phone. 24. Where has that lazy cat disappeared to? . She is over there. She is sleeping in front of the fireplace.
Упражнение 226
1. She has lived.. 2. She lived.. 3. The rain has stopped. 4. The rain stopped.. 5. Mary has bought.. 6. I bought.. 7. The wind has blown.. 8. The weather has changed.. 9. The wind changed.. 10. We travelled.. 11.. he has travelled. 12. I have seen.. 13. She saw. 14. Alex met... 15. I have just met... 16. The children have already de-cided... 17. they decided... 18. I haven’t seen. I saw. you didn’t see. I was.
Упражнение 227
1. I felt tired. went... 2. Where did you spend... 3. Have you over spent.. 4.. I met. 5. I have never visited. 6. He visited... 7. I have just got... 8. Did you take. 9. He was. 10. Were you... 11. They left. he was.. 12. He has not yet come.. 13. Has he gone. 14. When did you see... 15. I have not seen.. 16. His health has improved. I saw. 17. Have you passed. . ..I passed. I haven’t bought. 18. He has al-ready moved. he found. he has been..
Упражнение 228
1. I have not yet eaten.. 2. He did not eat.. 3. Did you play.. 4. Have you played.. 5. What have you prepared.. 6. Mike has made. he made. 7. Where have you put.. 8. Have you seen.. 9. When did you see.. 10. Has your mother promised.. 11. I have made.. 12.. he has fallen ill. . When did he fall. . He fell.. 13. I have already done.. 14. I did.. 15. He has just come.. 16. He came.. 17. Nick played.. 18. She has already come.. 19. I read.. 20. I have read.. 21. I have never been.. 22. Have you ever been.. 23. Have you ever seen. 24. I’ve invited. . When did you see. I haven’t seen. I called..
Упражнение 229
1. She has just gone out. 2. She left... 3. We have not yet solved... 4. When did it all happen... 5. . the weather has changed.. 6.. you have made. 7. A large black cloud has covered... 8.. all my papers have fallen.. 9. When did you open. . I opened.. 10. The sun has not risen.. 11. I saw.. 12. I have not read. 13.. trams have stopped.. 14. How many times have you been.. 15.. I have translated.. 16. We went. the rain spoilt.. 17.. it has stopped. 18. The lecture has not yet begun..
Упражнение 230
1. It was.. 2. When did you meet.. 3. I have not seen.. 4.. have you gathered? 5. Where have you put.. 6. The new school began work-ing.. 7.. I have done.. 8. The building of the house began.. 9. The rain has stopped.. 10. We have already solved.. 11. He came.. 12. I have never spoken.. 13. He has just finished.. 14. Have you made. 15. What books did you read when you lived.. 16. They have not yet come.. 17. He was ill. he has recovered. 18.. everybody has read.. 19. Have you booked. . I have. I booked. 20. I have not seen you since you left. you have changed.. 21. Have you read.. 22. I have not seen.. 23. Why have you put.. 24. Why have you left.. 25. We have not met. we both have grown..
Упражнение 231
1. What are you doing. are you writing. . .I have written. I am working. . And when did you write. . I finished.. 2. .I have already had dinner. 3. What’s the weather like? Is it still raining? . . it has stopped raining. 4.. I have lost.. 5. I have not met.. 6. Nina has just finished.. 7. Where is Sergei. . He has gone. he left.. 8. What are you reading. . I am reading.. 9. They read. have you read.. 10. My watch has stopped. there is.. 11. Have you seen. . .I saw.. 12. Have you heard. . . I have. . When did you hear. . I heard.. 13. You have changed. Has anything happened?
Упражнение 232
1. With whom did you discuss.. 2. I have seen..3.. I entered. I saw. my mother was standing. cutting. she was cooking.. 4.. I heard. I ran. saw. a child was lying. crying. what has hap-pened. why are you crying. have you hurt.. 5. They went.. 6. They have been.. 7.. he came. had. read. began.. 8. When did your friend return. . she returned. did you go. . I didn’t. I was. 9. Has your brother returned. . he came.. 10. Have you been. when were you. . I was.. 11. Where is your brother. . He has just come. he is taking.. 12.. I saw. I understood that he was working. he was writing. did not notice.. 13.. I came. the chil-dren were running and singing. we have learnt.. 14.. the young man entered. she looked. what do you want. she said. why have you come? 15. It was raining. I left. I returned. put. started.. 16. Are you working. . .I am preparing.. 17. That is. it is beautiful. I’ve just taken.. 18. Where did you learn.. 19. Have they already thought. have they bought. . .Mark has just ordered. he has mentioned. he hasn’t ordered. he has thought. the shop has charged.. 20. Why are you shivering. . I am shivering. I am.. 21. I have sprained. 22. A world-famous violinist is playing.. 23. The children were playing...
Упражнение 233
1. Tom returned.. 2. Tom had returned.. 3. I finished. 4. I had fin-ished. 5. He thought. he had lost. 6. Ann told. she had seen... 7.. I came. mother had already cooked.. 8.. father returned. we had al-ready done. 9.. the teacher entered. the pupils had already opened. 10. Kate gave. she had bought.. 11. Nick showed.he had drawn. 12. The boy gave. he had brought.. 13. Mother saw that Nick had not washed.. 14. The teacher understood that Lena had not done.. 15. I knew that my friend had not yet come. 16.. I woke. father had already gone... 17. Nick thought that his father had not come home yet . . 18. Mary told. she had cooked. 19.. I found. I had lost.. 20.. we came. the train had already left.
Упражнение 234
1. . the teacher had examined. 2. I remembered that I had left... 3. All my friends were. I had passed... 4. Poor Oliver lay. Sikes had left... 5. He opened. looked. tried. what had happened.. 6. All the passengers saw. the old man had travelled.. 7.. we came. he had returned.. 8. my friend visited. he had lived.. 9.. they entered. the performance had already begun. 10. . my mother told. she had re-ceived.. 11. Where had you worked. you entered.. 12. He had stud-ied. he entered.. 13. Lanny said that he had got.. 14. The boy wanted. he had organized.. 15. Lanny did not know who had at-tacked. 16. The girl was. she had found... 17.. he remembered that he had not rung.. 18.. the train reached. he had made.. 19.. my uncle had left, he hurried.. 20. She thought that Gert and Lanny had quarrelled.
Упражнение 235
1.. I had done. I was playing.. 2.. father had come. he was having.. 3.. grandmother had washed. she was watching TV. 4.. I met. he was eating. he had bought.. 5.. father came. we were cooking. we had gathered.. 6.. I saw. she was sorting. she had picked.. 7. I came. I saw. my little brother had broken. was playing... 8.. I opened. I saw. the teacher had already come. the pupils were writing.. 9.. I came. my sister was reading. she had brought.. 10.. mother came. the children were eating. she had cooked.. 11.. I rang. he was still learning. he had begun... 12.. I looked. the children were playing. Pete had brought.. 13. the chil-dren had settled. they were watching..
Упражнение 236
Last night we went. we took. the bus was. many people wanted. we got off. went. we were crossing. I saw. he was standing. he was waiting. who had come. wished. a man came. I had. two boys had just asked. he had. we entered. the football players were coming. we met. he showed. we agreed. he asked. I had played..
Упражнение 237
1. There were. one of them was writing. the other was reading. 2. He did not tell. he had received.. 3. I asked. he knew. she lived. I said. I did not know.. 4. He asked. I could.. 5. She said. he had given.. 6. I asked. he had put.. 7. He told. they had spent.. 8. I was sitting. thinking. the door suddenly opened. I had not seen. entered.. 9. She came. we were having. it was. I have seen. 10. I saw. he was leaving. 11. I had not seen. we met... 12. He had left. I had.. 13.. he felt. wanted.. 14. I thought. he had al-ready gone.. 15. I found. he was talking. who were standing. 16. He spoke / was speaking. we had never heard.. 17. He told. he had learnt.. 18. He entered. took. went out.
Упражнение 238
1. I returned. I had lost. I came. I saw. who was standing. he was waiting. he had lost.. 2. . I woke. it was. I called. nobody answered. he had already left.. 3. I went up. the rain had stopped. the sun was shining. the birds were singing. the morning was.. 4.. the rain stopped. I looked. saw. who was standing.. 5.. they told. he had left.. 6.. I didn’t find. I was. the train had left. 7. He wanted. he had lived.. 8. The telegram came. he had left.. 9. She looked. she had worked..
Упражнение 239
1. He came.. 2.. she has finished.. 3. He had translated.. 4. I have never been.. 5.. we worked.. 6.. I had had breakfast.. 7. I have not seen.. 8. When did you see.. 9. My sister has already graduated.. 10.. his brother had broken.. 11. I have seen..12. Have you ever been. 13. They were cooking.. 14. I have just seen. 15. She was washing. 16. She has drawn.. 17.. I was talk-ing.. 18. The TV programme had begun. I came.. 19. I have not eaten.. 20.. she had not read.. 21. She was doing. I came. 22.. she has found..
Упражнение 240
1. . we lived. went... 2. My sister spent... 3.. she has lost... 4.. all the children had returned.. 5. Columbus discovered.. 6. Columbus did not know. he had discovered.. 7. I have already read.. 8. He had discussed. he took.. 9. Mother has baked.. 10. She was reading.. 11. I have never been... 12. They told. you had got.. 13. When did you receive.. 14. Our grandmother was cooking. 15.. she has bought. 16. They travelled.. 17. We have not seen.. 18. They ate. I had brought.. 19.. the children had had. they went... 20. Have you ever been.. 21.. they were sitting. listening. who was telling. 22. My friend has just rung.. 23. I was standing. it began.. 24. We have not skated..
Упражнение 241
1. . her son has finished.. 2. My brother was training.. 3. My sis-ter has bought.. 4. I have not danced.. 5.. Nick came. his friends were playing. 6. When did your sister go.. 7. My friend has just re-covered.. 8. I have never been.. 9.. we were talking... 10. I spoke.. 11.. Kate has washed. 12. Has your mother returned.. 13. She was doing.. 14. The cat drank. I had given. 15. Have you ever been.. 16. He has not read.. 17. They had reached... 18. I have not yet re-ceived... 19.. she had forgotten.. 20. We have already studied... 21. He spent.. 22. I have bought.. 23. He had learnt. he went.. 24. She had spent. she went.
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