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Упражнения на все изученные виды сложного дополнения
09.12.2013, 01:55
Упражнения на все изученные виды сложного дополнения

Упражнение 442
1. I would like to see him say it to my face. 2. I expect you to join our excursion. 3. We had not expected her to reply, but she did. 4. We knew him to be a clever man. 5. I don’t like you to repeat this non-sense. 6. I hate people to speak so cynically. 7. We expect everybody to be ready by seven. 8. They showed themselves even more narrow-minded than we had expected them to be. 9. I felt somebody touch me lightly on the shoulder. 10. He heard someone call his name. 11. We did not expect him to return so soon. 12. I saw the telegraph boy hand the cable to the man. 13. They heard the woman utter a little exclama-tion. 14. He hated people argue about trifles.
Упражнение 443
1. He hated people to laugh loudly. 2. Mother wanted me to water the flowers. 3. I saw her get off the tram and cross the street. 4. I didn’t ex-pect my sister to get a "three". 5. I know your friend to be a good pupil. 6. I want this rule to be learnt. 7. I heard somebody knock at the door. 8. When will you have your watch repaired? 9. I know your brother to have been ill. 10. I expected my father to bring me the books. 11. I want this play to be staged at our school theatre. 12. I will make him bring the book tomorrow. 13. I expect him to ring me up.
Упражнение 444
1. I want you to be more attentive. 2. I made her learn this poem by heart. 3. They expected us to take part in the discussion. 4. We want our children to grow active and energetic. 5. The noise of the plane flying high in the sky made him look up. 6. We had better enter the house: I don’t want you to catch cold. 7. He made the car run at full speed. 8. We wanted them to achieve success. 9. I saw the children running towards the river. 10. I want you to translate this article. 11. She heard somebody enter the room. 12. I would like you to spend the summer with us. 13. I did not want you to learn this text by heart. 14. We expected the delega-tion to come at the end of the week.
Упражнение 445
1. I did not expect you to be angry. 2. I don’t like the children to stay alone. 3. I expect the letter to come tomorrow. 4. The doctor made me take the medicine. 5. Has your mother had a new dress made? 6. I hate keys to be lost. 7. I want the dictation to be written well. 8. When did you have your photo taken? 9. I heard something heavy fall on the floor. 10. We know him to be a great musician. 11. He watched us playing chess. 12. Where do you have your hair cut? 13. Did you see anybody fighting with him? 14. I did not want you to stay in the yard.
Упражнение 446
I. I want your morning exercises done every morning. 2. Would you like me to dance for you? 3. Grandmother does not like the cat to sit on the bed. 4. He felt something heavy pressing him to the floor. 6. When will you have your hair cut? 6. She expected him to invite her to the thea-tre. 7. The teacher did not want us to stay in the classroom. 8. The boy watched his father unharnessing the horse. 9. When did she have this dress made? 10. The storm made the ship return to the port. 11. Did you see anybody take this hammer? 12. I expect you to stay at home. 13. Yesterday I had my picture taken. 14. I hate dogs to be kept on a chain.
Упражнение 447
1. I want to have a new dress made. 2. I want these words to be remembered. 3. The rain made us stay at home. 4. We watched the ship sailing off. 5. I hate animals to be beaten. 6. Did you see anybody fall? 7. Everybody knows him to be a coward. 8. Where do you have your pictures taken? 9. I expected you to come in the evening. 10. I don’t like you to bring bad marks. 11. You must have your hair cut today. 12. Mother did not want me to go to the cinema. 13. I felt some-thing touch my hair. 14. I know your brother to be the best pupil of the school.
Упражнение 448
1. His father made him rewrite the exercise. 2. I want you to write a letter to your grandmother. 3. I know your sister to be an excellent singer. 4. He knows me to be a great theatregoer. 5. We expected the weather to change. 6. The teacher wanted the dictation to be rewritten. 7. I heard something heavy fall on the floor. 8. I saw the boy slip and fall. 9. We made him study English. 10. I want you to understand your mis-take. 11. I know her to be clever. 12. He expects me to write to him. 13. We saw her swim across the river.
Упражнение 449
1. He watched the workers unloading the lorry. 2. I know your father to be an outstanding sportsman. 3. My friend did not want me to write this letter. 4. I must have my photo taken tomorrow. 5. I want my books returned. 6. I hate birds to be kept in cages. 7. The teacher made him re-peat the rule. 8. She saw people running along the street. 9. I expect the teacher to give me a good mark. 10. I don’t like you to stay at school after classes. 11. When did she have her hair cut? 12. I want this music to be played every day. 13. When will you have a new dress made? 14. Did you see anybody leave the room?
Упражнение 450
1. Bad weather made us return home. 2. We expect the ship to come tomorrow. 3. I saw the ship disappear behind the horizon. 4. The illness made him stay at home. 5. Mother wants us to go to the country. 6. The children wanted the fir (tree) to be put in the largest room. 7. We ex-pected him to return on the same day. 8. I want you to come with me. 9. I want you to help me. 10. Mother made me go to the country on Sunday. 11. I saw him pass. 12. I heard the door open. 13. I want you to go to France.
Упражнение 451
1. Father did not want Nick to read this book. 2. I hate things to be broken. 3. She wants to have her hair cut. 4. I don’t like Kate to sing this song. 5. Everybody knows her to be very brave. 6. I expected you to do your homework. 7. Did you see anybody speaking to him? 8. She watched the children playing lotto. 9. His mother made him go to bed. 10. Have you had your photo taken? 11. I want the dinner cooked in time. 12. I had a new dress made last week. 13. I know him to be the cap-tain of a big ship. 14. She felt tears rolling down her cheeks.
Упражнение 452
1. Mary made Tom wash his hands and face again. "I want you to be clean," she said. 2. "I want the floor washed by the evening," said mother. 3. He heard her sighing in her sleep. 4. She was so busy thinking she did not notice me enter. 5. We wanted them to tell us something about themselves. 6. I often heard them arguing. 7. When I was a child, I liked mother to sing songs to me. 8. She felt somebody come up to her, but did not turn. 9. The boy watched the mechanic repairing the refrigera-tor. 10. David heard the doctor leave his mother’s room and go down-stairs. 11. Nobody saw Jim enter the house. Nobody expected him to come so early. 12. "I want everybody to be happy," she said. 13. "You cannot make me give you the child," said Miss Betsy. 14. Sid saw Tom jump out of the window.
Упражнение 453
1. We know him to be the captain of a big ship. 2. We expect you to visit us on Saturday. 3. She heard her brother enter the room. 4. I will make you study well. 5. Nina wants me to come, too. 6. I know you to have been ill. 7. I expected you to come in time. 8. I know your father to be very tall. 9. She did not want me to go to England. 10. I expect you to help me. 11. I know her to be the best pupil. 12. I want the work to be done. 13. We saw him cross the street.
Упражнение 454
1. We liked to come to this garden and watch children playing. 2. When Robert went out into the corridor, he felt somebody touch his arm. 3. She wanted the children brought into the hall. 4. Tom was a very industrious pupil and soon made everybody respect him. 5. I don’t want to make you do it at once. 6. I want you to do it yourself. 7. Have you ever heard him playing / singing this piece? 8. I want you to introduce me to your brother. 9. I like my sister to speak English with her friends. 10. Ann did not expect the book to be so interesting. 11. I often heard him tell the students about his native land. 12. We often saw them work-ing in the reading room. 13. When did you have your car repaired? 14. If I see Nina in the library, I will make her tell me about everything.
Упражнение 455
1. Не wants the letters brought into his room. 2. We know them to be very busy. 3. I want to have my photo taken. 4. I know him to be a great theatregoer. 5. I expect you to write me a letter. 6. He heard somebody entering the room. 7. I don’t like the child to play with the dog. 8. I hate books to be torn. 9. Harris did not want his wife to jump off the bicycle. 10. Where do you have your dresses made? 11. His mother made him put on his coat. 12. The mother watched the child walking across the room. 13. Did you see anybody enter the classroom? 14. He had his hair cut yesterday.
Упражнение 456
1. I want the letters written today. 2. I would like you to call on me tonight. 3. I was not sleeping and heard somebody enter our carriage. 4. I saw them walking down the street together. 5. Nobody has ever heard her recite poetry. 6. It made me think how to correct the mistake. 7. I wonder what made him give up the trip to the Crimea. 8. My father wants me to study two foreign languages. 9. Mother made me go to the country. 10. The professor wants me to work more at my report. 11. We expect you to go to the south with us. 12. They don’t want us to do it. 13. The painter watched the yellow leaves falling to the ground. 14. Come in, I expect my brother to return soon.
Упражнение 457
1. I want these books to be returned. 2. The rain made us turn back. 3. She felt somebody touch her hand. 4. We heard the bell ring. 5. Her brother’s illness made her go to Kiev. 6. The cold wind made him put on his coat. 7. My friend wants me to come to his place. 8. I know your friend to be a skilful photographer. 9. We expect you to take part in the concert. 10. I know you to be my friend. 11. Mother wanted potatoes to be bought at the market. 12. I know these people to be foreign tourists. 13. She expects the teacher to ask her.
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