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Вставьте артикль, где необходимо.
09.12.2013, 00:28
 Упр. 44. Вставьте артикль, где необходимо.
    Once there lived ... king. His name was Midas. He had ... little daughter. They lived in ... beauti¬ful palace with ... wonderful garden around it. Now ... king was very fond of ... gold. He loved ... gold more than anything else in ... 
    world. One day, when ... king was looking at his gold, ... young man appeared before him. "You are ... very rich man, Midas," said ... young man. "Yes," said ... king, "but I would like to be richer. I would like to have ... golden touch. 
    I want everything that I touch to turn into ... gold." ... young man was ... magician, and he gave ... king ... golden touch which he want¬ed to have. ... king was very happy. He touched ... table, and ... table became gold. 
    He went into ... garden. There were ... beautiful roses in ... gar¬den. He touched ... roses, and they also became gold. ... king's daughter, who loved ... roses very much, saw it and began to cry. "Don't cry, ... dear daughter," said ... king and 
    touched his daugh¬ter's head. ... next moment ... girl  turned into ... beautiful gold statue.


       Ключ к упражнению 

     . lived a king. . had a little daughter. . lived in a beautiful palace with a wonderful garden . the king . fond of gold. . loved gold . in the world. . when the king . a young man . are a 
     very rich man. said the young man. . said the king. to have a golden touch. . into gold. The young man was a magician . gave the king the golden touch . . The king . touched a table. 
     and the table. into the garden. were beautiful roses in the garden. . touched the roses... The king’s daughter. loved roses .cry, . dear daughter. said the king . . 
     The next moment the girl . into a beautiful gold statue. 

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