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Вставьте артикль, где необходимо.
09.12.2013, 00:30
 Упр. 47. Вставьте артикль, где необходимо.

   In ... small town in ... East there was once .., man who had ... parrot. ... parrot was taught to say ... words: "There is no doubt about it." It used to repeat these words all ... day long.
   Every time it was asked ... question, it gave ... same answer, "There is no doubt about it." One day ... man decided to sell ... bird; so he put ... parrot into ..,
   cage and went to ... market with it. "Twenty pounds for ... very clever parrot!" he cried. ... man who was passing by heard this and turned to ... parrot "Are you worth twenty pounds?" 
   he asked. "There is no doubt about it!" answered ... parrot. "What ... clever parrot!" said ... man and bought ... bird, He took ... parrot home and invited his friends to look at ... 
   clever bird. ... friends came and looked at ... parrot and talked to it. Now you must know that ... man was not rich. In ... fact, he was often short of ... money. So ... 
   week or two later, sitting in ... armchair and looking at ... parrot, he said: "What ... fool I was to throw away such ... lot of ... money!" "There is no doubt about it!" cried .., parrot.
   And this time   ... bird was right.
   Запомните следующие застывшие словосочетания:
   it's S_ high time to take S_ care of to take S_ aim such a ...

   Ключ к упражнению 
   In a small town in the East . once a man who had a parrot. The par-rot . to say the words . all day long . asked a question, it gave the same answer . . 
   One day the man decided to sell the bird . put the car-rot into the cage and went to the market . for a very clever parrot . A man . turned to the parrot. . answered the parrot. 
   "What a clever par-rot!" said the man and bought the bird. . took the parrot . to look at the clever bird. The friends . at the parrot. .that the man . In fact, . short of money.
   So a week . in an armchair . looking at the par-rot."What a fool . such a lot of money!". cried the parrot. . the bird was right. 

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