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Вставьте артикль, где необходимо.
09.12.2013, 00:31
  Упр. 48. Вставьте артикль, где необходимо.
  ... crow once said to her children: "It's ... high time for you to look for ... food." With these words she turned them out of ... nest and took them to ... field. But ... crow's children did 
 not like ... idea. "We'd rather go back to ... nest," they cried. "It's so nice when you bring ... food to us!" "Indeed!" said their mother. "You are big enough to feed yourselves.
 My mother turned me out of ... nest when I was much younger, and I had to take ... care of myself." "But ... people will kill us with their guns," said ... young crows. "No ... fear of that,"
 answered their mother. "Before ... people shoot, they take ... aim, and that takes ... time. When you see ... man raising ... gun to his face, you must just fly away." ."That's ... sim¬ple thing
 to do," said ... children, "but supposing ... man or... boy wants to throw ... stone at us: in such ... case he won't have to take ... aim." "Well, then he will have to bend
 down to pick up ... stone," said ... crow. "But what if he carries ... stone in his hand ready?" "Why, if you are clever enough to think of that," said ... mother, "you are clever enough
 to take ... care of yourselves." And she flew away leaving ... young crows in ... field

   Ключ к упражнению
  A crow .It’s high time . to look for food . out of the nest . them to the field. But . the crow’s children . like the idea . back to the nest . bring food to us! . out of the nest . to take care of myself.
  But peo-ple . said the young crows. "No fear of that". "Before people shoot, they take aim, . takes time. . see a man raising a gun ." "That’s a simple thing ." said the children,
  "but supposing a man or a boy . throw a stone . such a case . take aim. " . pick up a stone," said the crow. ". carries a stone " . said the mother. to take care of your-selves. leaving the 
  young crows in the field. 

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