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Вставьте артикль, где необходимо.
09.12.2013, 00:34
 Упр. 58. Вставьте артикль, где необходимо.

  Mr. Jones was ... teacher of ... physics at... school, He was fond of the experimental method in ... phys¬ics and often told his pupils to use this method. One day Mr.
  Jones came to ... school on ... new bicycle. ... bicycle had ... pair of ... pneumatic tyres, which had just been invented, and none of ... pupils had ever seen them.
  During ... lesson ... teacher took ... pupils into ... school yard and showed them ... new invention. "Now, ... children," he said, "who can tell me what is inside this tyre that
  makes it so hard and yet so elastic?" ... boys touched ... tyres. "... cotton-wool," said one of them. " ... steel springs," said ... other. "Oh no," said ... teacher,
  "you are wrong." Suddenly ... little boy, who was standing beside ... bicycle, cried out, looking very happy: "I know what it is! There's ... wind inside." Mr. Jones smiled and said:
  "You are right: there's ... air inside. But how did you find it out?" "Well, I used ... experimental method," said ... boy: "I stuck ... nail into ... tyre, and some wind came out of it."
  For ... first time in his life Mr. Jones did not like ... use of ... experimental method.

   Ключ к упражнению
  . was a teacher of physics at school. . method in physics . came to school on a new bicycle. The bicycle had a pair of pneumatic tyres . none of the pupils . During the lesson the teacher
   took the pupils into the school yard . showed them the new invention. "Now, children,." boys touched the tyres. "Cotton wool". "Steel springs," said another. . said
   the teacher... Suddenly a little boy. beside the bicycle. ".There’s wind inside." ". there’s air inside. . ". used the experi-mental method," said the boy: "I stuck a nail into the tyre.". For
   the first time . like the use of the experimental method. 

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