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Вставьте артикль, где необходимо.
09.12.2013, 01:47
Упр. 52. Вставьте артикль, где необходимо.

  ... group of ... farmers were sitting in ... village house, and among ... other things they began talk¬ing about ... echoes. One of ... farmers said that there was ... wonderful 
   echo in ... field near his farm where there was ... large group of ... trees. All ... other farmers said that they would like to hear ... echo, and ... farmer invited them
  to come ... next afternoon. But ... fact was that ... farmer did not really have ... echo he had told ... other farmers about. So when he came ... home, he sent for ... son of ... cook
  and told him to go to ... field, hide himself among ... trees and imitate every¬thing that was said. ... next day ... other farmers came, and ... farmer took them to ... field 
  to listen to ... wonderful echo. When they were in ... field, he shouted at ... top of his yoice: "Are you there?" The answer came back: "Yes, I've been here for two hours!"

   Ключ к упражнению  
   A group of farmers . in a village house. among other things .about echoes. One of the farmers . was a wonderful echo in the field . was a large group of trees. All the other farmers .
  to hear the echo. the farmer . to come the next afternoon. But the fact . the farmer . have the echo .told the other farmers . came home. sent for the (a) son of a cook .
  go to the field. among the trees. . The next day the other farmers . the farmer took . to the field to listen to the wonderful echo. . in the field, . at the top of his voice. 

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