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Вставьте артикль, где необходимо.
09.12.2013, 01:47
  Упр. 53. Вставьте артикль, где необходимо.
   It was ... nice summer day. ... weather was fine, ... sun was shining in ... blue sky, ... air was fra¬grant with ... smell of ... grass and ... flowers. ... dog which was running
   about ... streets of ... little town saw ... butcher's ... stall with ... lot of ... meat. ... dog cautiously approached ... stall and, when ... butcher turned away to talk to ... woman, 
   quickly seized ... big piece of ... meat and ran away with it. On ... way home ... dog had to cross ... stream by ... narrow bridge. As he was crossing,£ he looked down 
   into ... stream and saw his reflec-| tion in ... water. He though it was ... other dogf with ... other piece of ... meat. He snapped at ... reflection and dropped his own piece 
   of ... meat. That's how ... dog was punished for ... greediness.
  Запомните следующие застывшие словосочета¬ния:
  after a while
  from S place to S place

   Ключ к упражнению 
  . was a nice . day. The weather . the sun . in the blue sky, the air . with the smell of grass and flowers. A dog . about the streets of a little town saw a butcher’s stall with a lot of meat.
   The dog . ap-proached the stall. when the butcher. to talk to a woman. seized a big piece of meat . . On the way home the dog .to cross a
   stream by a narrow bridge. . into the stream . in the water. . it was another dog with another piece of meat. . snapped at the reflection . piece
   of meat. . how the dog was punished for greediness. 

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