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Air crash.
05.12.2013, 02:13
 Air crash.

It was too late, when I understand what happened.

My relatives waited for me on the Christmas in Ufa and I knew I had a long flight ahead of me. Our flight promised to be routine. All of passengers wanted to taste that greatly praised beef, but I didn’t order anything, because I’ve had a heavy meal this afternoon. Pretty airhostesses ran around with food trays from the galley. Later I was impatient to go to loo (lavatory), but when I came back I felt the easy swaying. Children cried and somebody was very fearful. At first sight it seemed to me that they got airsick together. I went alone the aisle and proffered help. But soon I dug, that there was another reason. It happened because of that beef, which got out of order. I said to the hostess: "Tell me the worst at once!”(Скажите мне худшее сразу). And she told, that our first pilot just has had a spoil food from the galley and so he can’t keep the wheels now”. I exclaimed: "But what’s up with people?” "May be it’s the same with them…”-the hostesses supposed-"will you kindly hold a medicine chest, please? What sort of devilry is this?” -she was continuing to talk to herself. 

Of course, I didn’t believe her. And I decided to find out everything myself. I knew, that there was a co-pilot there. Then I found him out in the pilot’s cabin, he stumbled over a footstep and fallen. "What’s a safe flight?”-I said with irritation. Suddenly I heard the intense alarm and voice of radio operator, probably the first pilot contacted ground control. It happened a small air crash with us, because we hit in air-pocket. We shook & jumped in the air during 30 minutes. The plane gained height. At that time panic began to spread, half of the people ran around & sobbed and didn’t let to attend to the sick. Sometimes I felt sick, but I collected myself.

Suddenly the concrete runway flashed by my eyes and we finally touched the ground. And only then I understood, that we had a blind flying during the whole 30 minutes!!!

"It is all over now”, -I thought. I was wrong.  We suddenly stopped to circling and screeched to a halt.

It was a miracle for all people and for me. All I can remember then were ambulances, next to the plane and my mother’s face, next to me in our house in Ufa.

Well, I was about to think, that it was my last Christmas Eve.

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