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Artificial Intellect.
05.12.2013, 02:18
Artificial Intellect.

21st century - a century of information technologies. Their rapid development has generated a phenomenon of an artificial intellect.

Strictly speaking, the idea of creation of an artificial intellect is not new. The person for a long time showed interest to the creation of his double. The history of this interest totals not one hundred years. Creation of a computer became an important event in this process.

The artificial intellect is the simulator of human intellect with its own disadvantages. Computer began to be apprehended by analogy to a human brain. The consciousness of the person is like Hard Disk, which began to be represented by a basic opportunity to take, to store and to process the information.

The problem of an artificial intellect is simultaneously the problem of natural intellect.  Depending on that is how much successful we are moving ahead in understanding of the work of human consciousness, so successfully we shall move ahead to the  work on creation of artificial intellect.

Artificial intellect is controllable by a person like all artificial. Human intellect is not. And it is one of disadvantages of artificial intellect. The second is that artificial intellect cannot become a natural human being because there is no personality in general sense. And many others.

But artificial intellect with all its minuses is very useful in many situations. For example, in many fields of production. Nowadays we must remember  that the human brain is unique and we couldn’t put all decisions on the artificial intellect.
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