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05.12.2013, 02:28


The system of electronic mail is becoming more popular now. What is it and how it can be used?

We know the meaning of the word "mail”. It is traditional means of communication, which allow to exchange the information between the two persons. To complete exchange you need to write the message with address on the envelope, to put it in the post-box, so you need to pay a lot of time and money. With the appearance of the electronic mail this problems were executed. So the e-mail is the quickest exchange of the messages with any person in the world, who has PC and the Internet. You can send not only text messages but cards, pictures, photos, music and other binary files. But you must remember that the electronic post-box has its own limitation, the size of the keeping information is 10000kb in ordinary. 

I would like to tell you about advantages of the e-mail in comparison with common mail service:

- The message is delivering much faster.

- It costs cheaper.

- If you want to send it to many persons you don’t need to print a lot of copies.

- It is easier to keep the letters in the electronic format, to look for it on your HDD.

- And you don’t need any paper.

But I prefer to use the QIP – the quiet internet pager, cause I can send and give the short messages at the same time. And it is like an illusion of real communication.
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