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English in the modern life.
05.12.2013, 02:31
English in the modern life.

English became the first world universal language. It is a mother tongue language of 500 million people in 12 countries of the world. Else 600 million people speak English as the second language. And else several hundred millions possess certain knowledge of English language which has official or half-official status in 62 countries approximately. Its use grows the amazing rates.
Approximately 1,5 billion people speaking the English language today in the world.
English is a most teaching language. It does not replace the other languages, and supplements them:
·  300 million Chineses – it is more, then whole population of the United
States, - learn English language.

·  In 90 countries English – is either the second language, or is widely studied and so on.

In Russia where studying foreign languages for children necessarily, the majority learn English language. In Norway, Sweden and Denmark necessarily study English.
Job advertisements in quality European newspapers sometimes ask for a " good working knowledge of English ". Nowadays, large international companies often use English to communicate between offices and subsidiaries in different countries. 75 % of all letters and telexes are in English and 80 % of all information in the world's computers is in English, so organizations need employees who speak good English. European professionals feel that English sometimes helps them to get a new job. It is usually a passport to more money.

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