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Family & marriage.
05.12.2013, 02:36
Family & marriage.

A reasonable wife! If you want your husband to spend his spare time with you, then you mast make sure in order he couldn’t find so much pleasure, modesty & tenderness elsewhere.


Oh God! What a pleasure to love out in the open & bear the name of your precious… and children, the pledge of your love, are its new bonds. If you meet the same marriage, so dear alliance, you can consider, that it is the paradise on earth. But it shall be ruefully to sell your freedom, good name & status under the treaty, bend them in despot's will. The main despot’s servant is quarrels, then you begin to avoid each other day by day…spend nights without love…live without hope… waste away in a deep suffering - the same marriage is the hell of our life.

There are many reasons, which prevent women to make a family. One of them is the unrequited love. It can be a strong & long-lived passion for a man, who doesn’t reciprocate. He can live at another world's end, to be married or a confirmed bachelor, young or old, but she will wait for him fondly and believe. In reality, a woman, getting caught in an endless loop on the only one man, has a neurotic disorder that had no connection with real love.

What marriage means for me.

On the one hand, our body has its own physical wishes, but on the other-our mind & conscience, which form the basis of our character. I think we can call out our best qualities in marriage, if we control our physical wishes, for ex. to raise a hullabaloo or burst into tears. What for me, I can hardly fight back my tears, that’s why can easily say that I’m a weeper, but the worst for me to see my friend’s tears, not to speak of my sister’s crying after quarrel with her husband. So, the musician’s talent calls out it best, when he wields his   instrument. The instrument isn’t a source of his talent, but only a way of its expression. Similarly, a human’s body isn’t a source of love, but it’s the means of show his worth. And the real man must have his man’s qualities in addition to his body & muscles. It also concerns of women. 

A real happy marriage, as I see it, consist of people, who understand it and can save their love.
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