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Charles Dickens
04.12.2013, 22:23
Charles Dickens


The theme of my course work sounds as following: "Great expectation” by Charles Dickens". This course work can be characterized by the following:

The actuality of this work caused by several important points. We seem to say that Charles Dickens novels are one of the main trends in development of English literature in the 19th century, especially in Queen Victorian period of ruling the country, that works were written in its turn at high degree and concluded the development of country, culture, about life of poor and reach people in Victorian age and one of the influenced writer or best know writer of "Critical Realism” period in English literature who was Charles Dickens. So the significance of our work can be proved by the following reasons:

To give information about Charles Dickens life.

To be acquantance with the works of Charles Dickens.

To study, analyze, and sum up all the possible changes happened in the life of plots in "Great Expectation” novel.

To mention all the major of themes and opinions concerning in the novel.

The practical significance of the work can be concluded in the following items:

a) The work could serve as a good source of learning Dickens’ novel "Great Expectation” by young teachers and students at schools and colleges.

b) The students and teachers could find a lot of interesting information for themselves about the novel.

Having said about the scholars studied the material before we can mention that my course work was based upon the investigations made by a number of well known English, Russian and Uzbek scholars as Ackroyd, Peter, Butt, John E. and Kathleen Tillotson, Chesterton G.K., Катарский Игорь Максимилианович, Скуратовская Л., А.А. Аникст и В.В. Ивашев, N. Buranov, and some others.

The general structure of my course work looks as follows:

The work is composed onto three major parts: introduction, main part and conclusion. Each part has its subdivision onto the specific thematically items. There are two points in the introductory part: the first item tells about the purpose of my course work and the practical value while other gives us about scholar who made research in Charles Dickens works and the general structure of my course work. The main part bears the five points in itself. The first point explains shortly Dickens’ life and personal life. The second item gives briefer description of Dickens’ books and place in literature. In the third point we study Symbolism in "Great Expectation”. In the fourth paragraph of the my course work we deal with one of the most fascinating themes "infatuation and how it compares to and relates to love". The last paragraph of the main part analyzes the main plot of this story Pip’s Portrait in Great Expectation.

The conclusion of the course work sums up the reasons why I have chosen the "Great Expectation” by Charles Dickens not other writers or not other Dickens’ works.
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