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Mike Lomonosov is a father of the Russian sciences. He was born in 1711 in Archangelsk province. He began to read himself when he was a little boy. When Lomonosov was 19 he went on foot to Moscow that to enter at the Slavic-Greek-Latin academy.

In 1736 he was sent abroad to complete his studies in chemistry and mining (горная промышленность). Lomonosov worked hard and he became a great scientist. He was a physicist, a painter, an astronomer, a geographer, a historian and a states man.

Lomonosov made a telescope. He observed a lot of stars and planet with his telescope. He also wrote a first scientific grammar of Russian language and many poems.

Lomonosov built a factory near Petersburg. It was a factory where the glass was produced. He made a portrait of  Petersburg the first on pieces of glass.

He was a founder of the first Russian University is situated in Moscow.

Mike Lomonosov died in 1765 but people know and remember him.
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