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My ideal holidays.
05.12.2013, 03:08
My ideal holidays.


It was a madly fervent summer. I looked at the clear sky and screwed up my eyes from the baking rays. Then I caught up a straw bonnet & jumped on the scorching sand. It remained only to go up a hill, pass a wicket and here it is - an alluring river. I ran down to it, shedding clothes as I went and dipped into with run, crying with joy & laughing. I swam deeper and deeper; until water became cold then I opened my eyes and admired the shoal of fishes, flashed by me. At last a sandbank appeared. I climbed up it & felt myself as Robinson Crusoe on a desert island. Holding my nose and breath I fell to water by the back. It was an amazing feeling, it seemed that the sun fell with me. I lay easy and looked through the water at my hands with interest. "Probably, there are the same islands in heaven and angels are walking there now”-I thought.

Suddenly I saw somebody’s eyes right over mine. Taking aback, I gave a start and let the air out. "Sorry if I scared”- said an absolute angel-"I just thought you may get a bad sunburn”. "Under water?”- I smiled and had a fit of coughing suddenly. "Oh, it seems to me you have got your mouth full of water, it will be better to get back”. The stranger put my arms around his neck and began to swim slowly. His golden hair smelt of freshness and forest. "Probably the angel came down to earth in order to bring me home”- I thought to myself.    

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