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05.12.2013, 03:19
In recent years riding has become a sport for everybody. There are many reasons for this modern interest in the horse. One of the strongest is the coming of television, a medium which has shown millions of families the beauty of the large international horse shows and horse trials.
At the beginning of the horse's evolution he was a small hunted animal. We know this from the fact that his eyes are set to the side of his head. It is because of this natural feeling of being the hunted that the horse by nature is timid, and sometimes very nervous. The horse is not an attacking animal; he has no horns, no sharp teeth, no fangs and no claws. His only method of defence is to run away, and he has natural speed. The horse is not an intelligent animal, and his mental powers have a childlike quality. His brain is extremely sensitive but really quite simple.
But as for me, I very like this sport, because for riding is never out of season - it is a hobby that one can follow both in winter and in summer. It is also a pastime that the whole family can enjoy; you are never too old to learn to ride, at least well enough to be able to enjoy yourself. It is a good healthy outdoor sport and it can be recommended to anyone - housewives, tired businessmen and hard-working high school pupils.

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