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The budget
04.12.2013, 23:09
The budget

The budget is a forecast of revenue and expenditure for the coming year. It is the government’s main economic statement.

In UK the budget is prepared and issued in March. It presented by Chancellor of the Exchequer in a major speech to Parliament. He reviews economic performance, describes the government's economic objectives and economic policies it intends to follow. Since 1993 in Great Britain are issued "so-called" Unified Budget, which contains government’s taxation plans and spending proposals to Parliament for the next three financial years. This budget announced to the House of Commons and published in the Financial Statement and Budget Report.

In Russia draft budget is prepared by the government and submitted to the State Duma for consideration. When Duma approves the draft it goes to the President who sight it into law.

Fiscal and monetary policies are the main instruments, which forms budget and revenue. There are income tax, taxes on expenditure (Value Added Tax, customs and excise duties), National Insurance contribution the main sources of revenue.
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