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The computer: its uses and its influence on our life.
05.12.2013, 03:34
The computer: its uses and its influence on our life.


Just a few industries in the world have changed so much in such a short time as the computer industry. Now the computer has a role in almost every aspect of modern life, and it has radically affected the way people work, play, study, and organize their lives.

Nowadays many schools have the computers. In a teaching mode, computers provide a wide variety of information and practice material. In the fast-changing world of business the computers are wide spread, too. Almost all workers of large companies have the computers, many have the notebooks. They have the access to important information at the touch of a key when they are traveling, sitting at home or in the office. In the film industry computers are also used. More often they are used to create graphics for scenes. Computers are very useful in the aviation, too. Computer technology enables the training of pilots in flight simulators. Not only do these create the illusion of flying but they are safer and cheaper than training staff in airplanes.

So we can draw a conclusion that computers influence on many aspects of our life. These smart machines are designed to take over some of the basic tasks previously performed by people; by so doing, they make life a little easier and a little more pleasant. And I think it is the greatest discovery of all times, which will change our world and us constantly.
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