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The financial activities
04.12.2013, 23:12
The financial activities


The modern market economy is populated by three types of economic agents, whose interaction constitutes economic activity. There are budgeting, financing, investment, banking, taxation and insurance are the main forms of financial activity.

Financial assets flow in the system from savers, which act as sources of funds, to borrowers, who use them. Savers and borrowers are linked by financial intermediaries. They are banks, finance, investment and insurance companies. And the ministry of finance, the treasury, the central bank, the tax service and other governmental organizations also carry out and regulate financial activities.

There are stock and currency exchanges, commercial banks, producers, finance, investment, insurance companies, and special financial-credit institutions such as investment founds, pawnshops, trust companies - all of these types of economic agencies carry out the financial activity, which is a backbone of any financial system.

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