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The labour market
04.12.2013, 23:14
The labour market


To take our place in adult society, to make a carrier, to get a well-paid gob with good prospects - are the chief purposes of our life. The labour market can helps us.

Now it is a highly competitive and it will remain competitive for the years to come. Big companies compete with each other to recruit best students. They offer them tempting salaries and "fringe benefits". These recruiting tactics have led to the "brain drain", the process by witch highly skilled people offer their services to the highest bidder.

In Britain labour market British students compete with one another. They start looking for a job before they leave university. They explore the labour market, read advertisements about vacancies in papers, write and send their resumes, fill in forms. The company personnel managers look through their résumés and prepare "short list", which include about 5 or 7 applicants who look most promising. Then they interview these applicants and choose only one, which will succeed. That means that most applicants will be unsuccessful. But British students do not lose heart, do not fee depressed and embarrassed. They start their search again.

In many countries special agencies help people to find a job. In Russia it is Labour Exchange. They give information about job opportunities, vocation training programs and how to raise skill levels.
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