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The London Stock exchange
04.12.2013, 23:14

The London Stock exchange

A stock exchange is a highly organized financial market where bond, shares and other securities can be bought or sold. It function is to put those who wish to sell securities in touch with those who wish to buy them.

Stock market business is worldwide. There is London, New York, Tokyo, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and other mega policies are the famous centers of stock exchange activity.

The London Stock exchange one of the biggest financial centers. London has had a stock exchange for over 200 years. It moved to different places and different buildings. In 1986 "Big Bang" – legal reforms – was implemented and Exchange was change radically. Now it has a screen-based trading, stockbrokers deal in securities through telephones and computers.

The Russian Stock Market is not so successful now, but it has a tremendous potential and of course our market soon will become one of the main financial centers.

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