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The Nation's economy
04.12.2013, 23:16
The Nation's economy



The economy of the country is like a machine provides us with things we need, it means goods and services. The economy creates the wealth of the country. A nation's economy can be divided into three sectors of activity. They are primary, manufacturing and service sectors. Economy machine controlling by government, which uses fiscal and monetary policies.

The economy of Great Britain is based on private sector. Government policies are admired at raising productivity, increasing employment opportunity for all, providing educational opportunity for all, abolishing poverty… It helps keep inflation low, maintain sound public finances and create the right climate for markets to work better.

In Russia economy growth continued. The last year was one of the best for us. GDP grew at a reasonable pace, then we harvested a record crop. It was due to favorable weather conditions and to pay back of investment and reforms in agriculture. Industrial production went up in some branches, though the real sector still needs more investment. A lot of laws were passed last year to attract foreign investment, tax system was simplified. The living standards improved: pensions were increased, salaries of state employees raised too, demand for consumer goods increased.

So, considerable progress was made in our country last year.
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