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The ways to find the job
04.12.2013, 23:19
The ways to find the job


The privet sector as a rule provides majority of jobs, but one could also make a career in government or in the not-for-profit sector.

Career is more than just a job; it may include many separate jobs. All of us move from job to job during our lifetime, because we want to find the best job that we will really enjoy. Every career includes some work of both kinds and of each king there is in your career depends on decision that you yourself make.

The first what you should do is to assess your interest and abilities. Then when you decide what you want to do, you should explore the labour market, visit job centers, talk to friend, read advertisements about vacancies. After that you must start writing your resumes, which should be accurate and good-looking. In the resume you should advertises your professional qualification and personal characteristics. Employers as a rule hire people who fit the job, who have a lot of skills and can perform many different tasks.

In many countries special agencies help people to find a job. The Employment Service in Britain, for example, gives information about job opportunities, vocation training programs, about how to raise skill levels. Much attention is given to school-leavers, students, because in some areas of Britain a lot of young people are out of work.

There are so many interesting jobs from the financial system – bank worker, broker, underwriter, auditor, accountant, businessmen, programmer, web designer and others.
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