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     Theatres are  very much the same in London as anywhere else;

the chief theatres ,music halls and cinemas are in the West  End.

If  you  are  staying  in  London for a few days,  you'll have no

difficulty whatever in finding somewhere to  spend  an  enjoyable

evening. You'll find opera, balley, comedy, drama, revue, musical

comedy and variety.  Films are shown in the  cinemas  during  the

greatest part of the day.

     The best seats at theatres are  those  in  the  stalls,  the

circle and the upper circle.  Then comes the pit, and the last of

all the gallery where the seats are cheapest.  Boxes,  of course,

are  the most expensive.  Most theatres and music halls have good

orchestras with popular conductors.

     You ought  to  make  a  point of going to the opera at least

once during the season if you can.  There you can get the best of

everything - an exellent orchestras, famous conductors, celebated

singers and well dressed audience. But, of course, if you are not

fond of music and singing, won't interest you.

     At the West End theatres you can  see  most  of  the  famous

English   actors   and  actresses.  As  a  rule,  the  plays  are

magnificently staged -  costumes,  dresses,  scenery,  everything

being  done  of  the most lavish scale.  Choose a good play,  and

you'll enjoy yourself thoroughly from the moment the curtain goes

up to the end of the last act.  Get your seats beforehand, either

at the box-office of theatre itself or at one  of  the  agencies.

When you go to a theatre, you'll probably want to seat as near to

the stage as possible.  But if you are at  the  cinema,  you  may

prefer  to seat some distance from the screen.  In fact,  I would

say, the further away the better.
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