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05.12.2013, 03:47

The term mass media consist of newspapers, magazines, television, radio and so on. I would like to tell some words about TV. Everybody knows what a great force TV is in the world today. Thanks to TV we get a great amount of information. It gives wonderful possibilities to see the best actors, sport matches, famous celebrities. TV brings the world to our room. We see people from other countries and learn about their customs, occupations, traditions, problems. We become cultured people by learning more of the arts.

Television helps us to relax after a hard day’s work. But some people are against TV. They say that TV occupies a lot of free time. People used to have hobbies, to meet with the friends, to go to the cinema or theatre, to read books. Nowadays many people watching TV many hours without a break. They do not read books, they do not engaged sports. But nobody makes you watch TV for hours.

I like a telecast "Remove it immediately" in which two impudent fashionable women learn to put on absolutely various women. The leader Tasha Strogaya is designer of clothes by formation. It is interesting to observe, how from the boring housewife turns out elegant lady or the cheerful nice little girl. From transfer I have learned for example what things there should be in a basis of a wardrobe of each woman, that is classical trousers, a skirt, some blouses and color jumpers.

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