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What is an Engineer?
05.12.2013, 03:51
 What is an Engineer?

The word "engineer" came from the Latin word "ingenium" - capability, inventability. Now it is a specialist who has higher technical education. First educational establishments for training engineers formed in the 17-th century in Denmark. In the 18-th centuries similar technical schools opened in Great Britain, France and Germany. The first school for engineers in Russia organized by Peter the Great in 1712. Since the 19-th century school for training engineers divided into schools for practical work or technicians and higher technical schools for civil engineers.
Training engineers is realizing in higher educational establishments of different types. At present it is necessary to train engineers of complex profiles such as engineer-physicist, engineer-biologist, engineer for applied sciences, etc.

Duration of training lasts from 5 to 6 years including three cycles of educational subjects: general-educational, general-engineering and special sciences. Special subjects as well as social sciences are aimed at-achieving the main tasks of training engineers: to master the speciality chosen, to get deep theoretical knowledge, to acquire practical skills, to widen outlook, to be able to cope with professional and social problems.
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